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Clinical Care

Adolescence is a time of physical, social, and emotional development and emerging independence that is both exciting and challenging. The Adolescent Health Program is comprised of a highly trained team of faculty, providers, and clinical staff who are dedicated to the health and well-being of adolescents and young adults. Clinic is staffed by Adolescent Medicine Faculty Physicians (board certified in Adolescent Medicine and in Pediatrics and/or Internal Medicine), Adolescent Medicine Psychology Faculty, nurse practitioners, and Adolescent Medicine Physician Fellows. This specialized team includes nurses, a dietitian, social worker, and community partners to provide exemplary clinical care within a developmental framework. Care is designed to support patients, families and caregivers, and is highly individualized to meet each person's unique needs.

Clinical Facilities

Adolescent medicine subspecialty clinics occur Monday through Friday at the Riley Pediatric Care Center.

Inpatient consultation is available at all times to patients admitted at Riley Hospital for Children.

Adolescent primary care is provided through the Eskenazi Health Teen Care Program at several locations in Indianapolis.

Appointments can occur in-person or virtually. 

Looking for Patient Services?

Patients looking for a physician referral can search the IU Health provider directory by specialty or disease—or phone the IU Health on-call service at 317-916-3525 or 800-265-3220.

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Special Clinics and Programs

  • Adolescent Medicine Consultation Clinic

    Adolescent Medicine Consultation Clinic includes evaluation and treatment of any problem in an adolescent that persists or requires more specialized treatment than is usually available through primary care providers. The range of services is broad and includes treatment for physical, emotional and behavioral problems. Most adolescents are referred to this team by a primary care provider or through the request of a parent or adolescent to their primary care provider. Patients are seen in-person or virtually at the Riley Pediatric Care Center.

    Common referrals include (but are not limited to):

    • Management of chronic illness
    • Evaluation for chronic symptoms without a diagnosis
    • Mental health and behavioral concerns including anxiety, depression, and disordered attention
    • Nutritional concerns including eating disorders
  • Gender Health Program

    The Gender Health Program offers mental and social support to children, teens and young adults who have been experiencing gender dysphoria and are seeking supportive and affirmative care. Adolescent Medicine (in conjunction with colleagues from Pediatric Endocrinology) offers the only gender health program in Indiana serving the pediatric population.

    Members of the gender health team include adolescent medicine physicians, pediatric endocrinologists, psychologists, social workers, and registered dietitians. Each member of the team understands and supports patients, serving their emotional and physical health needs. The clinic provides an affirming space for families to find care as team members support youth in their journey to live in a way that is consistent with their experienced gender. The team will work with youth and their families to create an individualized care plan designed to keep them safe, healthy and connected to community resources.

    Learn more about gender affirming care from the Human Rights Campaign.

  • Reproductive Health Program

    The Adolescent Medicine Reproductive Health Program provides consultation to meet non-surgical reproductive health needs from birth through young adulthood. Patients are seen in the Adolescent Clinic at the Pediatric Care Center or in collaborative clinics with other medical specialties.

    Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

    • Prepubertal conditions including vaginitis, labial adhesions, vaginal bleeding, lichen sclerosus
    • Concerns about pubertal development including early or delayed periods
    • Menstrual abnormalities including amenorrhea, abnormal uterine bleeding, ovarian cysts, and polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Menstrual management for patients with chronic illness
    • Screening, treatment, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections
    • Vaginal discharge or pain syndromes
    • Breast conditions

    Adolescent Contraception

    • Provision of a full range of prescription contraceptives including injected (shot), intravaginal rings, transdermal patches, and oral contraceptive pills
    • Additional dedicated clinic staffed with both Adolescent Medicine and Gynecology Faculty for procedural contraception (intrauterine devices and implants)
    • Education on over the counter contraceptive options
    • Contraception for patients with complex medical conditions and contraindications to hormone use
  • Adolescent Medicine Collaborative Clinics
    • Adolescent/Young Adult Cancer Survivor Clinic
    • Fertility, Reproductive and Sexual Health Program (FReSH)
    • Cardiology/Adolescent Medicine Clinic
    • Hematology/Adolescent Medicine Clinic