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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Activities

In June of 2022, the Indiana University School of Medicine Faculty Steering Committee (FSC) approved a modification to the school’s promotion and tenure expectations requiring faculty to report activities in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). This change was first introduced in January 2022 with the goal of better aligning faculty expectations with the values articulated in the IU School of Medicine Honor Code.

In addition to aligning with the Honor Code, this proposal also aligns IU School of Medicine more closely with recently approved efforts by the IU Indianapolis Faculty Council to recognize DEI activities for promotion and tenure.

Three Year Implementation Timeline

  • Ongoing: Communication, training, resource development
  • 2023–2024 cycle (dossiers due Spring 2023): DEI statement, CV designations optional
  • 2024–2025 cycle (dossiers due Spring 2024): DEI statement, CV designations expected, but dossiers not sent back if missing
  • 2025–2026 cycle (dossiers due Spring 2025): DEI statement and designated CV items expected, dossiers sent back if missing

During this phase-in period, the school will facilitate training opportunities and develop resources for faculty, departmental leaders and promotion and tenure committees to learn how to meet, articulate and evaluate this new requirement. Faculty members will have several years to complete this requirement.

Example faculty DEI activities

Key Takeaways

  • This expectation will be phased in over three years and faculty members will have several years to complete the requirements.
  • Faculty members will be expected to show effort toward advancing DEI in at least one mission area for which they are evaluated by including a short narrative DEI summary in their personal statement and by listing DEI-related activities on their CVs.
  • There are a variety of ways faculty members can fulfill the expectations. Activities related to DEI are at the discretion of the faculty members and do not need to be in their area of excellence.
  • Engaging in professional development activities (such as attending a workshop) will be an acceptable way to fulfill the requirement.
  • Faculty are encouraged to review the broadly defined terms pertaining to DEI in the sample activities resource. For example, inclusion is defined as an approach designed to ensure that the thoughts, opinions, perspectives, and experiences of all individuals are valued, heard, encouraged, respected, and considered.
  • There will not be a separate vote by reviewers as to whether specific DEI activities are satisfactory or not.