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IU School of Medicine Dean Jay L. Hess and other members of leadership presented updates on the school's priorities during the 2022 Fall All-School Meeting, including future building, the strategic plan, research highlights and faculty awards.

2022 Fall All-School Meeting recap

Mary Dankoski presenting at Fall 2022 All School Meeting

Indiana University School of Medicine Dean Jay L. Hess, MD, PhD, MHSA, highlighted several major areas of focus during the Fall All-School Meeting on October 6, 2022.

Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment and retention are among the top priorities for the school. Recent leadership announcements include:

Leadership announcements slide



There are several ongoing recruitments for other key leadership roles at the School of Medicine, including:

  • Chair, Department of Pathology – at finalist phase
  • Executive Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – at finalist phase
  • President, Regenstrief Institute – search launched
  • Chair, Pharmacology and Toxicology – search launched


IUPUI reorganization & Engineering in Medicine

As Indiana University embarks on a new vision for the future IU-Indianapolis, IU School of Medicine is engaging in robust conversations with Purdue University to launch a new Engineering in Medicine Institute in partnership with the Purdue Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering.

“We have been working in collaboration with Purdue for over 20 years, including a joint PhD program,” Hess stated. “This will take it to a new level.”


Building the Future

IU School of Medicine needs room to grow, innovate and teach. The new Medical Education and Research Building is the school’s largest construction project in history. This new facility will be equipped with the classrooms, labs, technology and expertise to uncover answers to medicine’s most challenging problems.

A groundbreaking ceremony will take place on October 19. The building’s completion is expected by the start of the 2024 fall semester. Learn more about how IU School of Medicine is “Building the Future.”

Situated north of downtown Indianapolis, the 11-story building comes with ample green space next to Senate Avenue to the east but offers a short walk for students for clinical rotations at the planned IU Health hospital. Fast Facts:

  • Location - Southeast of 16th Street and Senate Avenue in Indianapolis, just south of Goodman Hall and the Neuroscience Research Building
  • Size - 326,200 gross square feet
  • Height - 11 Stories
  • Scheduled Completion - November 2024


Strategic Plan Update

David Wallace, MD, MPH, co-chair of the IU School of Medicine Strategic Plan Committee, presented an update on the process and invited members of the community to give their feedback.

The Strategic Plan will provide vision for the next three years, from 2023 to 2025. Beginning in 2026, a new strategic plan will be implemented to align with the IU Health strategic planning cycle.

Strategic priorities slideThe four priorities of the 2023-2025 Strategic Plan are to foster the vitality and engagement of our people; maximize learner success; accelerate discovery and clinical translation; and improve health and wellness for citizens of Indiana. All of these priorities will be addressed through the operating principles of the IU School of Medicine Core Values—excellence, respect, integrity, diversity and inclusion, and cooperation.

“We want to focus on eliminating disparities in each of our missions…people, education, research and health,” Wallace said.

The committee is inviting all IU School of Medicine community members and stakeholders to review the strategic plan priorities and share their feedback during upcoming town halls or by completing this survey.

Upcoming town hall meetings:

  • Wednesday, October 12, 7:30-8:30 pm (EST)
  • Thursday, October 20, 8-9 a.m. (EST)
  • Monday, October 24, noon-1 pm (EST)


Research Highlights

Tatiana Foroud, PhD, Executive Associate Dean for Research Affairs, presented highlights of research funding and discoveries over the last year.

NIH funding growth chartIU School of Medicine received record-breaking funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the sixth year in a row. The school’s scientists and physicians were awarded more than $217 million in NIH research funding in the 2021 federal fiscal year. The Blue Ridge Institute rankings place IU School of Medicine at 30th among all medical schools in the United States and 14th among public medical schools for NIH funding.

IU School of Medicine currently has 329 faculty with an NIH grant, 64 faculty members with two or more NIH grants, and 47 faculty members with three or more grants. Of those NIH grants, 136 faculty have R01 Equivalent NIH grants, meaning the grants are for $100,000 or more per year. NIH grants account for 83 percent of the medical school’s federally funded research grants.

In April, IU School of Medicine recognized its 138 new federal grant awardees, including 34 faculty members who were first-time recipients.

The research funded by these grants is leading to exciting discoveries. IU School of Medicine researchers authored 503 publications in high-impact journals in 2021. Foroud highlighted three publications advancing knowledge in kidney disease, cancer and asthma:

  1. Chlorthalidone for Hypertension in Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease, published in The New England Journal of Medicine
  2. Ubiquitination and degradation of SUMO1 by small-molecule degraders extends survival of mice with patient-derived tumors, published in Science Translational Medicine
  3. Allergic airway recall responses require IL-9 from resident memory CD4+ T cells, published in Science Immunology


Faculty Awards

Michael Moore, MD, with Dean Jay Hess and thee Faculty Mentoring AwardMany faculty and staff members were recognized for their excellence, commitment to diversity, scholarship, leadership and volunteerism.


Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Award

Outstanding Faculty Commitment to Diversity AwardJulia LaMotte, PhD, Outstanding Faculty Commitment to Diversity Award

Outstanding Community Engagement Award

Inspirational Educator Award

Frederick Rescorla, MD, Inspirational Educator AwardScholar Educator Award

Adjunct Faculty Teaching Awards


  • William Campbell, MD 
  • Suzie Field, MD

Polly Husmann, PhD, Scholar Educator AwardEvansville:

  • Scott Beckman, MD 
  • Margaret Beliveau, MD 
  • Patrick Flamion, MD 
  • Roger Johnson, MD 
  • Lee McKinley, MD 
  • Anthony Schapker, MD

Fort Wayne:

  • Suresh Jaiswal, MD 
  • Nicholas Leonowicz, MD 
  • Thomas Mason, MD 
  • Virendra Parikh, MD 
  • William Wilson, MD

Mark Mach with diversity awardSouth Bend:

  • Ismail Al-Ani, MD 
  • Sara Bajuyo, MD 
  • David Bertoncini, MD 
  • Harshil Bhatt, MD 
  • Kimberly Brathwaite, MD 
  • Joseph Cerbin, MD 
  • Daniel Fulkerson, MD 
  • Vicente Gonzaga, MD 
  • Walter Halloran, MD 
  • Katie Robinson with leadership awardMelissa Hickey, MD 
  • David Van Ryn, MD 
  • Zhiquan Zhao, MD

West Lafayette:

  • Akram Al-Makki, MD 
  • Ryan Deweese, MD 
  • Ruban Nirmalan, MD 
  • Jay Prochnau, MD 
  • Marcy Tashjian-Gibbs, MD 
  • Theresa Woods, MD

Ryan Badger-Bridewell with award 

Staff Awards

Lynn Wakefield Unsung Hero Staff Award

  • Ryan Badger-Bridewell, BSW, Assistant Director of Anatomical Education; Anatomy, Cell Biology and Physiology
  • Todd Morton, Assistant Director of Business Services
  • Christi Saint Charles, Financial Administration Coordinator, Department of Ophthalmology

Todd Morton, Unsung Hero AwardDeb Cowley Staff Leadership Award

  • Katie Robinson, BS, Division Academic Administrator, Hematology/Oncology Division 
  • Stacey Patrick, MS, Director of Medical Education, IU School of Medicine-South Bend

Outstanding Staff Commitment to Diversity Award

  • Mark Mach, MA, Med, Lead Advisor, IU School of Medicine-Bloomington


Fall All School Meeting reception

IU School of Medicine congratulates all 2022 award recipients and applauds their contributions toward the school’s mission.


Anyone with an IU login may view a recording of the Fall 2022 All-School Meeting.

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