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William J. Sullivan, PhD, MS

Showalter Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Phone 317-274-1573
635 Barnhill Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46202
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Bill Sullivan, PhD has been studying the intracellular parasite Toxoplasma gondii since he was a graduate student in the laboratory of Dr. David Roos at the University of Pennsylvania in 1994. He completed postdoctoral fellowships with Dr. Chuck Smith at ELANCO (a division of Eli Lilly, Co.) from 1998-2000 and Dr. Sherry Queener at the Indiana University School of Medicine from 2000-2002. He became an Assistant Professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine in 2003. Dr. Sullivan is now the Showalter Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology and Microbiology & Immunology at the Indiana University School of Medicine. 


Titles & Appointments

  • Showalter Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
  • Education
    1997 PhD University of Pennsylvania
    1994 MS University of Pennsylvania
    1992 BS Frostburg State University
  • Research

    We study cellular signaling and the regulation of gene expression in a fascinating protozoan parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. Toxoplasma causes congenital birth defects as well as opportunistic infection in HIV/AIDS, cancer chemotherapy, and heart transplant patients. There is also emerging evidence that this parasitic infection may be linked to neurological disorders, such as schizophrenia and behavior modification. While the acute stage of toxoplasmosis can be treated, the ability of the parasite to convert into latent tissue cysts prevents eradication of the infection from the patient. Unfortunately, if immunity wanes, the patient can relapse and suffer additional episodes of life-threatening acute infection. Additionally, Toxoplasma is a serious threat to some wildlife and livestock.

    We hypothesize that the proteins controlling parasite gene expression at epigenetic, transcriptional, and translational levels may represent novel drug targets to fight toxoplasmosis and other infectious diseases, including malaria.

    Please visit our laboratory web site for more information.

  • Awards
    Org: Showalter Foundation
    Desc: Showalter Professor
    Scope: University
    Date: 2016-07-01
    Org: IUSM
    Desc: Trustee Teaching Award
    Scope: University
    Date: 2012-05-01

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