Medical Student Education

Students of the Indiana University School of Medicine are exposed to the field of anesthesia in their third year of training through the anesthesia core clerkship. Fourth-year students who are interested in the field can pursue additional elective rotations.

Third-Year Clerkship

The third-year core clerkship in anesthesia helps MD students understand basic management of the perioperative patient. Clinical learning occurs in the operating room as students participate in the anesthetic care of patients. Guided self-learning occurs through a series of digital learning modules. Technical skills are acquired under the supervision of department faculty and residents during the rotation.

Fourth-Year Electives

The Department of Anesthesia offers electives for fourth-year medical students at which cover all aspects of anesthesiology. One-month rotations are available in the areas of adult, pediatric or obstetrical anesthesia, acute and chronic pain management as well as surgical intensive care. During the elective rotation, each student has the opportunity to attend core curriculum lectures, Journal Clubs and Mortality-Morbidity Conferences.

Specific topic areas that medical students may experience during a fourth-year rotation include preoperative evaluation and preparation, airway management, management of patients on ventilators, interpretation of blood gases, application of invasive monitoring techniques (including systemic and pulmonary artery catheters), and techniques for postoperative pain management.

Students considering post-graduate training in anesthesiology are encouraged to take elective rotations in the first six months of the year.

Anesthesia Specialty Community

The Anesthesia Student Interest Group introduces interested medical students to the exciting field of anesthesiology. Known as the ASIG, this student interest group provides access to a professional community in the anesthesia specialty and prepares students for entry into postgraduate training.

Student Interest Group