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The Master of Science degree in Anesthesia at Indiana University School of Medicine is offered as part of an Anesthesiologist Assistant Program. The tuition for in-state students is $13,252.67 per semester; tuition for non-resident students is $16,666.67 per semester. The program is seven semesters in length.

These numbers are approximate and do not include additional university fees or living expenses. Exact tuition and fees are available through the Office of the Bursar. Financial Aid is available to qualified students.

Additional Program Costs and Fees

  • Stethoscopes and Clinical Supplies

    Students are required to have an adequate stethoscope to use for clinical educational purposes. The cost varies according to the type and model. One recommendation is the Littman Classic II; stethoscopes cost approximately $75. Other clinical supplies such as pens, handbooks, etc. are at the discretion of the student to determine what is needed, and students are responsible for these costs.

  • Parking

    Students are responsible for parking passes and related fees.

  • Away Rotations

    Students will be expected to participate in clinical rotations outside of the Indianapolis area. Currently, students must complete three out of town rotations in which they are responsible for transportation, lodging and food. Some clinical sites offer housing, but it varies by location. Additional financial aid is available to help cover these costs.

  • Professional Conferences

    Students who attend the American Academy of Anesthesiologists Assistants Annual Conference typically pay for their own registration, meals and travel expenses. The program typically pays for participant lodging. Students who attend the American Society of Anesthesiologist Annual Conference pay for their own registration, meals, lodging and travel expenses.

  • Living Expenses

    Students are responsible for all living expenses. Information on student housing in Indianapolis is available through IU Indianapolis.