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Learn about life and wellness in the Anesthesia Residency program at IU School of Medicine.

Residency Life and Wellness

A Day in the Life

Resident Life Benefits While your day to day schedule may vary based, this is what a typical day will look like during your CA-1 year:
  • You should receive the OR schedule the day before so you can look up your patients and come up with an anesthetic plan
  • 6:15-6:30 AM: Arrive at the hospital and set up your OR
  • 7:00 AM: Meet and examine your patient in the pre-operative area. Afterwards discuss your patient and plan with your attending for the day.
  • 7:30 AM: First cases start
  • 4:00-6:00 PM: Finish for the day and go home


During the day your attending or other residents should give you breaks to eat, drink coffee, or just be out of the OR for a few minutes. Your attending will also help you to pre-op your patients and get setup between cases. The residency program is like a big family, and everyone is always willing to help each other out. Residents who are done with their cases for the day or don’t have anything assigned in their room will frequently go help their fellow residents in other rooms.

Retreats and Events

Anesthesia residents and fellows participate in several retreats and activities throughout the year. The department hosts barbeques to kick off the academic year as well as holiday parties. There is also an annual go cart racing event and golf outing each summer.

Summer Cookout

We host an outdoor cookout every summer to give the residents a chance to relax and get together with each other. This also offers the new CA-1s a chance to get to meet the other residents in the program.

Step Challenge

The step challenge is a bracket-style partner competition to see which teams can get the most steps in a week. This not only offers the opportunity for some fun competition between the residents, but also encourages everyone to get out and exercise.


Every November the residents get together and hold a potluck-style dinner around Thanksgiving. This gives the residents a chance to unwind and enjoy some good food and company.

Secret Santa

Each holiday season the residents have the opportunity to participate in a secret santa event, where everyone who signs up is given another resident in the program to get a gift for. This is a good opportunity to get creative as you get to know the other residents in the program.

Holiday Party

The department puts on an annual holiday party at the end of the year, where the faculty from each hospital and the residents can get together for food, drinks, and relaxation. 

Family Resources

Are you a potential resident with a children younger than six?  The Center for Young Children at IUPUI not only provides essential daycare but also multiple programs that support social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development for your child. The STEM Pre-K track for ages 4 to 5 introduces your child to science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts and gives your child a early childhood educational experience to leverage throughout their primary school development. 

Other Resources

The Indiana University School of Medicine–Indianapolis campus is integrated with the IUPUI campus. The campus offers many opportunities for residents to meet their eight pillars of wellness: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, financial, occupational, environmental and spiritual. 

The world-class IU Natatorium provides facilities for lap swimming, diving, and learning how to swim classes for all ages. Additionally, campus recreation provides more that 10,000 square feet of workout space with opportunities for biking, yoga, MX4 and turbo kick classes as well as club sports. Visit and unwind at the campus Game Room.  The Game Room includes more than 25 of the latest games for PS4 and Xbox, table tennis, billiards, more than 35 board games, a shuffleboard table, and a multicade arcade game. Read more information on IU School of Medicine/IUPUI programs and workshops, physical activity, and additional resources.

Additional health and wellness information can be found on the Office of Graduate Medical Education, campus lifecampus safety and campus recreation pages.

Graduate Medical Education

About Indianapolis

Over 2.4 million people call the Indianapolis area home. The state of Indiana currently hosts over 1,700 health care companies with the greater Indianapolis region hosting several leading health care companies such as Eli Lilly, Cook Medical, DuPont Agrosciences, Elanco Animal Health and Roche Diagnostics.  Additionally, the NIH funded Clinical and Translational Science Institutes (CTSI), the Indiana Bioscience Research Institute, the Indiana Health Information Exchange and Regenstreif all assist research capabilities by connecting more than 35,000 health care providers in 17 states. 

Choosing the Anesthesia Residency program at the Indiana University School of Medicine will provide you with abundant opportunities to pursue any focus in education, research or clinical care. We look forward to assisting you on the next step of your professional journey.