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Katie Duffey

Katie Duffey joined the Indiana University School of Medicine Office of Strategic Communications as assistant director in 2018 after a 14-year career in newspaper journalism. Contact Katie at

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Steven C. Beering: A guiding force in Indiana academia

He was the doctor for NASA’s early astronauts. As dean of Indiana University School of Medicine, he devised a statewide medical education system. As president of Purdue University, he oversaw ambitious construction initiatives and promoted diversity. For almost 30 years, Dr. Steven C. Beering was a giant in Indiana higher education. Beering, who passed away on April 4, 2020, at the age of 87, leaves behind a legacy that has served as inspiration for those who have followed in his footsteps.

Katie Duffey  |  Apr 09, 2020

Researcher: Doctors should pick up the pace when improving walking skills in stroke survivors

A new study led by an Indiana University School of Medicine researcher is encouraging physicians and therapists to increase the intensity when helping patients recovering from stroke find their footing. Published in the American Stroke Association’s “Stroke Journal Report,” the study was authored by T. George Hornby, PhD—a professor with the Department of Physical Medicine […]

Katie Duffey  |  Aug 22, 2019

Crew Procedures

Written by Melissa Kacena The second and fourth scheduled procedures were on Tuesday, July 30 and Saturday, August 3, when astronaut Tyler Nicklaus “Nick” Hague “feeds” our cells. While most of the hardware is automated, during our practice experiments completed at NASA Ames, we discovered that the volume of “fresh” media provided to the cells […]

Katie Duffey  |  Aug 19, 2019

Extra, extra! Space mission front-page news

Our lab’s launch found itself above the fold this week, with an in-depth feature article published on the front page of the “Indianapolis Star.” Reporter Stephanie Hamilton interviewed Dr. Melissa Kacena for the story, which included details about the recent SpaceX launch, along with a look at the history and focus of the program. In […]

Katie Duffey  |  Aug 17, 2019

Healing herself, others through medicine

Life for Rhea Sharma began in a refugee camp. A world away from Indiana in every sense of the word, the Nepalese refugee camp that served as Sharma’s birthplace would seem an inauspicious starting point for a future physician. However for Sharma, soon to be a first year medical student at Indiana University School of […]

Katie Duffey  |  Aug 01, 2019

Talking wellness with new associate dean Dr. Jennifer Hartwell

For Dr. Jennifer Hartwell, it’s personal. In June, Hartwell was named the associate dean for wellness at Indiana University School of Medicine and chief wellness officer for IU Health Physicians. In a time when nearly 45 percent of physicians have reported experiencing at least one symptom of burnout, for Hartwell the memories of her own […]

Katie Duffey  |  Jul 30, 2019

Yoder joins Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering as Director Emeritus

A stalwart of Indiana University School of Medicine’s rich tradition of innovative excellence will be lending his expertise and experience to a group of scientists and researchers doing groundbreaking work in regenerative medicine. Mervin Yoder, MA, MD, has assumed the role of Director Emeritus for the Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering. He joined […]

Katie Duffey  |  Jun 25, 2019

Match Day 2019: Going coast to coast

Savannah Paffen’s educational journey has taken her from one side of the country to the other. A native of northern California, Paffen completed her undergraduate work at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, on the north side of Chicago. Now, after spending four years at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, she’ll soon be heading […]

Katie Duffey  |  Mar 15, 2019

Match Day 2019: Alumna Burks looks back, lends advice for big day

For fourth-year medical students at Indiana University School of Medicine, the specter of Match Day looms large on the horizon. All are waiting to break open the seal on that fateful envelope—an otherwise unassuming package that contains their futures in medicine. Just one year ago, Ciersten Burks, MD, was bracing for the same momentous occasion. […]

Katie Duffey  |  Mar 11, 2019

Saying goodbye to ‘the heart of GME’

Looking around her office in Fesler Hall, full of half-packed boxes and more than 30 years of memories from her time at Indiana University School of Medicine, Linda Bratcher was still coming to terms with her looming retirement. “It’s really hard to walk away. Not just from the people—of course that part is hard. But […]

Katie Duffey  |  Feb 21, 2019