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Match Day 2019: Going coast to coast

savannah paffen

Savannah Paffen’s educational journey has taken her from one side of the country to the other. A native of northern California, Paffen completed her undergraduate work at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, on the north side of Chicago.

Now, after spending four years at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, she’ll soon be heading to the East Coast—the Ivy League to be exact. Because waiting inside Paffen’s Match Day 2019 envelope were the words she’d been hoping for: Congratulations, you have matched! Her match? The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Name: Savannah Paffen
Hometown: Mountain View, California
Specialty: Neurology
Residency match location: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia.


How are you feeling now that you have your match?

I’m super excited! Obviously, Penn was one of my top choices. This is a day you think about since the very first day that you start medical school, thinking ahead to where the next step is going to be for you. It’s what you work for those four years, and I’m just happy and excited that today is here, and thrilled with where I’m going.

What led you to choose neurology as your specialty?

I have loved neurology since undergrad. I have always loved the brain, and it’s something I’ve always been interested in. Here at IU School of Medicine, the faculty and mentorship in this specialty have been so great. All of my rotations continue to make me even more excited and sure that I’ve made the right decision to pursue this field.

What are you looking forward to most?

For starters, moving to a new city and exploring that. I can’t wait to get to know a whole new set of residents and mentors that I’ll be working with. And also finally getting to work in neurology. It’s what I’ve been excited about for many years, and it’s now time to get started in it. I’ve lived in California, and then the Midwest, so I get to try a whole new part of the country now.

Was there a specific faculty member or mentor who really helped you along the way?

There have been so many faculty members and mentors for me. Specifically in neurology, Dr. Bob Pascuzzi, who is the chair of neurology, has been an incredible mentor. Watching him interact with patients and other faculty members has just been so inspiring to watch.

Check back for more stories from IU School of Medicine’s Match Day 2019.

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