A kind word can go a long way. Here is a list of 40 things to say to praise and support members of your team.

Things to Say in Praise or Support

Good idea Illustration of a man and woman high-fiving

I knew you could do it

You’ve really improved

I like your positive attitude

Thanks for the information

I appreciate your cooperation

We missed you yesterday

Thanks, but the credit really goes to my team

Who is your supervisor? I want him/her to know what a great job you did

Thanks for being flexible

You’re very organized

I couldn’t have completed this project without you

How can I help?

How was your weekend?

How is your (mother, daughter, son, etc.)

Thank you

Thanks for your support


I am impressed with this work

Please join us

I appreciate your putting in the extra effort on this

I value your input

Do you understand or do you have some questions?

You’re on target


I’m sorry

You’re a true professional

Great report

Well done


I trust you (your judgment)

You demonstrated true leadership with that project