Leader can send a handwritten Thank You cards and birthday cards to each team member.

Anniversary and Birthday Recognition

For Work Anniversary

  • Leader to send a handwritten Thank You card to each team memberIllustration of a woman holding a large blue-wrapped gift
  • Leader will deliver to team member on anniversary day if on site
  • Leader will mail to team member the week of the anniversary if off site
  • IUHP Employees Hire date can be found in Oracle under My Team=select name=hire date
  • IU Employees HRBPs can pull anniversary date report out of CHRIS
  • A monthly calendar highlighting anniversary dates at location for team members to celebrate each other
  • Can also celebrate during huddles or staff meeting



For Birthdays

  • Employees can opt in to having their birthday recognized by providing the month and date of their birth on the new employee Ice Breaker form.
  • Once consent is given leader can send an e-card to team member’s email
  • A birthday board can be created for team members who share an onsite location
  • A Teams or Outlook calendar can be used to announce birthdays for team members whose roles are primarily off site
  • Onsite locations can celebrate monthly birthdays with a group cake or a personal cupcake on the actual birthday
  • Offsite locations can highlight the team member's birthday with an email to the team
  • Team members can celebrate each other i.e. Birthday Buddy. This is optional.
  • Managers should put birthday cards in the mail ahead of the team member's birthday or give the card a day prior