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Get your flu shot by November 8


IUPUI Campus Health will again offer free flu shots to IU School of Medicine faculty, staff, house staff and students during the 2018-2019 flu season. All IU School of Medicine students are required to receive a flu vaccine by November 8, 2018.

When to get the Flu Shot

Flu shots will be distributed beginning in September. The exact date will depend on the arrival of vaccine supply.

How to get the Flu Shot

You can get the shot any IUPUI campus health location or at your preferred location (primary care physician, pharmacy clinic, etc.). No appointment is necessary at an IUPUI campus health location. All individuals must present a valid university picture ID to obtain a flu shot. Students will be asked to present a health insurance card but will be able to receive a free flu shot regardless of what insurance they have.

Further information, including the dates, times and locations of flu shot outreach clinics for the IU School of Medicine community, including students, will be announced as soon as the vaccine arrives.


Individuals requesting an exemption from the vaccine can contact for further information about exemptions.

Compliance: Action Items

Flu shots received from IUPUI Campus Health locations will automatically be tracked. Students who opt to receive flu vaccination from IU Health, a personal physician or elsewhere must submit a photo of their flu shot consent form to IUPUI Campus Health at It’s recommended that individuals take a picture of their flu consent form with their smart phone immediately upon receiving the vaccine and email it to It’s also recommended that all students keep their flu consent form in a safe place.

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