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In the Margins: Shifting our view of health care

Story series begins with look at disparities in breast cancer research Pick up any book I own, and you’ll find countless notes in the margins of nearly every page. From cursive remarks stretching the length of chapters to brackets emphasizing paragraphs that made my heart skip a beat—my books are covered in moments captured in […]

Em Collins  |  Oct 30, 2019

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Komen Award picture

IU School of Medicine researcher awarded Susan G. Komen grant

INDIANAPOLIS — A grant from Susan G. Komen will help bolster research at Indiana University School of Medicine aimed at addressing outcome disparities in African-American

Anna Carrera  |  Oct 25, 2019

IU School of Medicine improving breast cancer surgery

After mastectomy surgery, women with breast cancer are faced with many types of scars. With every glance in the mirror, the physical scarring left after

Marco Gutierrez  |  Oct 17, 2019

Nadia Miller 2

I am evidence of what research can do and will do

At 26, and a new mother, Nadia Miller’s dreams were typical. She wanted a big family, a career and hoped to one day travel the

IU School of Medicine  |  Aug 06, 2019

Pam Perry

Pam Perry won’t let cancer push her dreams aside

Updated October 2019 In memory of Pam Perry. When breast cancer spreads, it often lands in bones, typically the ribs or hips. In Pam Perry’s

Alyssa Geisler  |  Aug 05, 2019

Dr. Ballinger

Ballinger earns Career Development Award from ASCO Conquer Cancer Foundation

Tarah Ballinger, MD, was named a recipient of the Career Development Award presented by the Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology

Michael Schug  |  Jun 27, 2019

Vera Bradley donation

A million dreams for breast cancer at Vera Bradley event

The Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer continued its two decades of support for Indiana University School of Medicine’s breast cancer research program with a

Karen Spataro  |  Jun 13, 2019


Q&A with Natascia Marino, PhD

Obesity has long been known as a risk factor for developing many diseases, including cancer. For obese women, this means an increased risk for developing

Michael Schug  |  Mar 21, 2019

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patient

Triple negative breast cancer patient encouraged by Grand Challenge

Angie Steeno was 29 years old when she received her first cancer diagnosis from metastatic gestational trophoblastic disease, often referred to as a molar pregnancy.

Christine Drury  |  Mar 05, 2019


Arcade game inspiring treatment for triple negative breast cancer

National Institutes of Health funds study to test new drug combination for triple negative breast cancer Think back to your days as a kid. Ever

Karen Spataro  |  Oct 22, 2018