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Christina Griffiths

Christina is the media relations specialist for the IU School of Medicine Dean's Office of Strategic Communications.

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IU School of Medicine receives $3 million to study improving surgeon well-being, DEI

The Department of Surgery was recently awarded another $3 million grant from the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) to continue studying ways to improve well-being and DEI in surgical residents and faculty across more than 200 hospitals in United States.

Christina Griffiths  |  Feb 29, 2024

Psychiatry resident leading DEIJ efforts for department, school

Morgan Jivens, DO knew when she started medical school that she wanted to someday be a psychiatrist. Now a third-year psychiatry resident at Indiana University School of Medicine, she’s one step closer to fulfilling that dream.

Christina Griffiths  |  Feb 21, 2024

“It just stole my heart.” Resident pursuing career in academic medicine, pediatric surgery

When Jasmine Lee, MD, was in medical school at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, she was skeptical about pursuing a career as a surgeon.

Christina Griffiths  |  Feb 19, 2024

Could artificial intelligence help or hurt scientific research articles?

Newly published studies examine advantages and disadvantages of ChatGPT writing scholarly research publications

Christina Griffiths  |  Feb 01, 2024

Happy Birthday, Dr. Barbie!

Since Barbie’s creation in the 1950s, she’s gone through some drastic makeovers. The popular children’s toy created by Mattel boasts the slogan “you can be anything” and, in recent years, has added not only different body types and abilities, but also a variety of career choices and related accessories.

Christina Griffiths  |  Dec 19, 2023

Mutations, mammograms and MRIs, oh my! How I took charge of my breast health with increased screenings, and when you should do the same

Christina Griffiths is a media relations specialist for Indiana University School of Medicine and has worked with the office of strategic communications for five years. She wrote the following story about her experience learning she is at a high risk of developing breast cancer during her lifetime, and the increased screenings that began as a result.

Christina Griffiths  |  Oct 25, 2023

“Their love language was food.” First of its kind gift will support wellness efforts for residents

When Jack Benecke, DO matched with Indiana University School of Medicine for his anesthesiology residency, he was excited to join a large program known for a variety of opportunities.

Christina Griffiths  |  Oct 10, 2023

Providing a greater sense of home: IU residents start first Latinx Association for residents and fellows in the country

When Indiana University School of Medicine resident Eleazar Montalvan, MD, began his internal medicine residency program in 2021, he was excited to work with world-renowned physicians and faculty who have led major advances in the field of gastroenterology.

Christina Griffiths  |  Aug 28, 2023

Men’s Health Month: Five things to know

June is National Men’s Health Month, a time to remind men of the health issues they face and what they can do to take charge of their health.

Christina Griffiths  |  Jun 22, 2023

Are emoji helping your physician communicate better? What new research tells us about emoji use among hospitalists

You may have heard it said before that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about an emoji?

Christina Griffiths  |  Jun 13, 2023