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Division of Computational Pathology

Dr Bakas standing in front of a large screen showing cells

Dr. Bakas showcases computational pathology technology

The Division of Computational Pathology addresses clinical requirements by developing, validating and operationalizing cutting-edge computational solutions that drive innovation in diagnostics, patient management, treatment and health care delivery, while promoting excellence in research, education and clinical care.


The division works across IU School of Medicine's tripartite mission areas:


  • Developing and validating diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive computational biomarkers.
  • Furthering disease knowledge with data-driven approaches.
  • Understanding underlying factors that drive algorithmic decision.


  • Bridging the knowledge gap between clinicians and computational scientists.
  • Mentoring and inspiring the next generation of computational pathology researchers.

Clinical Care

  • Optimization of intuitive interfaces for digital pathology workflow.
  • Operationalization of digital pathology IT workflow.


Enhanced clinical care through computational innovation.

We envision a health care system where every patient benefits from operationalized reliable computational solutions, which augment the diagnostic capabilities of physicians and optimize patient-centric decision-making.


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