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Residency Admissions

IU School of Medicine begins accepting applications for the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Residency program in September of each year. Typically five PGY-1 residents are accepted into this residency program each year. Interviews are conducted from mid-October through January of the following year, and the department interviews 50 and 60 candidates during the recruitment period.

All application information must be submitted through ERAS and cannot be accepted via electronic or traditional mail. Application deadline is December 1st for training beginning on July 1st of the following year.

Admission Criteria

Every application is reviewed by the selection committee. The most competitive applicants are recent or upcoming graduates with a demonstrated interest in pathology, strong USMLE scores and excellent letters of recommendation. Because the department takes a holistic approach to candidate selection, a cutoff for Step scores is not applicable. However, the average Step 1 and Step 2 scores for the candidates interviewed during the 2018-2019 recruitment season were 230 and 235 respectively.

All residency candidates must be eligible to obtain an Indiana State Medical License prior to the program start date. Find information about Indiana medical licensing requirements.

If not a US citizen or permanent US resident, applicants must be eligible to receive a J1 visa or be able to provide verification of valid US work-authorization status to be admitted into this residency program. The most competitive candidates are medical school graduates within seven years of the time of residency application. Applicants must be fluent in speaking, writing and understanding the English language. Preferably, candidates have obtained a graduate degree from the U.S. or Canada and have clinical experience in the U.S. or Canada.

For more information about this residency program, contact Jennifer Deppen, Residency Program Coordinator, at 317-274-2476 or

Register to Match

To register to match with the IU School of Medicine Pathology Residency program, applicants must first register with the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and complete an application before December 1 for training beginning on July 1 of the following year.