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Marijo Roiko, PhD, D(ABMM)

I was honored to be one of the inaugural fellows for the IU CPEP clinical microbiology fellowship. I appreciated the breadth and depth of training across multiple subspecialties in the IU laboratory and through laboratories at partner institutions. The IU CPEP faculty were great teachers, scientists, and medical professionals, and I enjoyed the opportunity to work with infectious disease, antibiotic stewardship, infection prevention, and public health staff to understand how clinical microbiology impacts healthcare delivery at multiple levels.

I currently serve as the director of infectious disease testing at a non-profit health system. My work includes a balance of laboratory administration, teaching, and research. Overall, the IU CPEP fellowship provided a strong foundation for my career as a clinical microbiologist.

Drew Bell, PhD

As a clinical microbiology fellow, I was privileged to have brilliant mentors who were both kind and incredible teachers. In addition to in-depth training in the core areas of the microbiology lab, the program supports independent pursuits in teaching, novel test implementation, and research. The microbiology group here collaborates closely with leaders in assay development, which provides an excellent opportunity to bridge the gap between the clinical lab and our industry partners.

After completing my CPEP fellowship in 2021, I joined the Seattle Children's Hospital as Co-Director of Clinical Microbiology with a joint academic appointment at the University of Washington. The IUSOM CPEP program excellently prepared me for my current role - I treasure my time at IU and am grateful to the many wonderful individuals that support the fellowship!

Tung Phan, MD, PhD, D(ABMM)

I joined the Department of Pathology at Indiana University School of Medicine as a clinical microbiology fellow. After completing my two-year fellowship training in 2019, I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I am currently a medical director of UPMC Clinical Virology Laboratory. My overall experience was excellent! During my fellowship training, I gained a lot of important knowledge, experiences and skills in clinical microbiology that were essential for success on my current position.

This training program was an incredible opportunity in which I learned a great deal about clinical microbiology and enjoyed many interesting cases. Clinical micrology faculty made this training very unique and valuable. I appreciated the high level of organization and quality of this fellowship. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this excellent training program.