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Testimonials for Gastrointestinal Pathology Fellowship 

Natalia Rush, MD

After completing my GI and Liver Pathology Fellowship at IU School of Medicine, I got a job in a private practice in southwest Michigan. It is my third year with the practice, and I sign out all medical liver, some GI and general surgical cases. The fellowship prepared me well to deal with challenging cases. The most appealing points of GI/liver path fellowship at IU to me were superb attendings Drs. Saxena, Cummings and Lin to learn from; great volume of medical liver biopsies including numerous allograft biopsies and GI specimens including intestinal allografts and numerous consults; multidisciplinary liver transplantation conferences with expert hepatologists; and outstanding resources for conducting clinicopathologic research projects with amazing media center and histology lab resources.

My transition into independent practice was easy owing to my training in high-volume diverse case environment under such a great mentorship. I highly recommend GI/liver path fellowship at IU because it would prepare anyone well to be an independent expert no matter what job setting you choose for your career.

Nathan Shelman, MD

I began my pathology training at Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C., followed by a fellowship in Pediatric Pathology at the Boston Children's Hospital of Harvard Medical School. During and upon completion of my final fellowship, training in GI/Hepatopathology at Indiana University with Drs. Saxena, Cummings, and Lin in 2020, I accepted a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology at the University of Kentucky, in Lexington, Kentucky. Indianapolis is a great mid-sized Midwest city with much to offer in terms of entertainment, without the expense of some larger metropolitan areas that could stretch the wallet of medical trainees. The GI/Hepatopathology fellowship program at Indiana University offers exposure to a broad spectrum of luminal GI pathology and tumor pathology, and provides the potential for particular mastery of hepatopathology.

During my fellowship, there was ample time to preview/work up cases, ample scope time with the wonderful faculty on the GI service, and plenty of opportunities to teach/work with particularly bright residents. Having grown up in Kentucky, my ultimate goal following training was to end up in an academic setting back in my home state. I have no doubt that my training in GI/Hepatopathology at Indiana University was instrumental in my being able to proactively seek out and obtain the position which I had hoped to land, even prior to it being advertised.