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Forensic Pathology Fellowship

IU School of Medicine provides an ACGME-accredited fellowship in forensic pathology through its Department of Pathology and partnership with the Marion County Coroner’s Office. This training program fulfills the eligibility requirements of board certification and provides forensic pathology services to the Indianapolis metropolitan area. The Marion County Coroner’s office performs 4,799 death investigations and 1,812 examinations (945 full autopsies, 798 external, 69 partial), encompassing a broad spectrum of both urban and rural cases. Multiple experienced and board certified forensic pathologists provide supervision, guidance, and support to fellows in this program.

Forensic fellows perform 200 to 250 autopsies of varying complexity per year. Consultation with a neuropathologist, a pediatric pathologist, a forensic anthropology department, and a forensic odontologist are available. Fellows spend time at the Indianapolis/Marion County Forensic Laboratory, the University of Indianapolis Anthropology Department, and the Axis Forensic Toxicology Laboratory. Fellows are allotted time and encouraged to perform a research project or write a paper for presentation at one of the two annual national forensic science meetings (NAME, AAFS). Fellows in this program also assist in teaching and giving lectures for medical students and pathology residents.


Applicants must have completed an accredited residency in either anatomic or anatomic/clinical pathology prior to beginning the fellowship or meet fellow eligibility requirements for ACGME Forensic Pathology fellowship programs. Stipends are commensurate with the year of post graduate training in pathology. Interested applicants should submit the CAP standard fellowship application, curriculum vitae, and personal statement to Director of Forensic Pathology Fellowship Program, Christopher Poulos, MD. Three letters of recommendation are also required.

Dr. Christopher Poulos, MD
Marion County Coroner’s Office
512 W McCarty Street
Indianapolis, IN 46225

If you have any questions about our forensic fellowship program, please contact Christopher Poulos, MD, or Zachary O'Neill, MD.

Email Christopher Poulos

Email Zachary O'Neill

Program Faculty and Staff

11817-Poulos, Christopher

Christopher K. Poulos, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 

Program Director

Zachary R. O’Neill, DO
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Assistant Program Director

John Cavanaugh, MD
Dr. Cavanaugh is one of our most experienced forensic pathologists and can offer a wealth of advice regarding difficult cases.

44220-DeWitt, Logan

Logan DeWitt, DO
Dr. DeWitt is a graduate of this fellowship program. He has also completed a neuropathology fellowship. Dr. DeWitt assists in neuropathology examinations and enjoys teaching residents, fellows, and students.

Matthew Cain, MD
Dr. Cain has extensive knowledge in informatics and the use of computers in the forensic setting. Dr. Cain is also very interested in research and is happy to discuss this with fellows.


Gregory Schmunk, MD
Dr. Schmunk is the former president of the National Association of Medical Examiners and brings a wealth of experience to this office.

Alan Griggs, MD, JD

Dr. Griggs brings both extensive forensic experience and legal experience to the office. Dr. Griggs is always happy to share this experience with fellows. Dr. Griggs is also a pilot, but, sadly, the fellowship does not offer flight instruction.

Dominique Battles, Forensic Autopsy Supervisor

Ms. Battles is a highly experienced autopsy supervisor and brings a wealth of experience to our program. She is always eager to teach fellows and tends to treat them as members of her extended family. Ms. Battles is also trained in tissue recovery and is a licensed funeral director, so she has extensive knowledge of the postmortem care and reconstruction of decedents.


Alfarena McGinty, MBA, Chief Deputy Coroner

Ms. McGinty has ABMDI certification and extensive death investigation experience. In addition to overseeing the daily operations of the Marion County Coroner’s Office, Ms. McGinty helps coordinate the fellowship program.


Current Fellow, 2023-2024

Geunyoung Jung, MD

Geunyoung Jung, MD

Graduated Fellow from 2022-2023

portrait of tyler haffler

Tyler Haffler, MD

Currently employed as a deputy coroner/forensic pathologist at the Franklin County Coroner’s office in Columbus Ohio

Read Tyler's testimonial

Our facility

A new state-of-the-art facility is currently being constructed and will be operational by the Fall of 2024.