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Current Fellows

Blood Bank

Nichole LePage, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine and its associated Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine centers is a vibrant community full of excellent teachers, research opportunities, and valuable clinical experience. As an IU resident I had the privilege to work with the wonderful faculty members and could not imagine continuing my education anywhere else. My current academic interests include coagulation, the effects of chronic apheresis therapy, and human milk/tissue banking. Outside of work I enjoy hiking with my family and knitting.


Rae Dougherty, MD


Karen Trevino, MD

The Dermatopathology Fellowship at IU School of Medicine offers a wide case variety, abundant teaching experience, and a close collaboration between the pathology and dermatology departments for a well-rounded experience. My academic interests include skin lymphomas, resident education, and methods to improve adequacy in fine needle aspiration. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two young children, playing board games, and exploring new restaurants.


Logan DeWitt, DO

Genitourinary Pathology

Sammy Au, MD

Rongbin Ge, MD

Rumeal Whaley, MD

The Genitourinary Pathology service contains cases that range from the bread and butter (in bulk) and diagnostically challenging cases. IU School of Medicine has far local/regional reach and the external consultations come from all over. The Genitourinary Pathologists that staff the service are world class. The service is growing and has just expanded. My academic interests include Head and Neck, Thyroid, Oral, and Genitourinary Pathology. Outside of work, I enjoy social media education (Twitter: @RDWhaleyMD), financial health, and videogames.

Gastrointestinal Pathology

Wegahta Weldemichael, MD


Youssef Khafateh, MD

I chose the Hematopathology Fellowship at the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of Indiana University School of Medicine for its well-structured training curriculum and high-volume clinical services that involve a wide variety of specimens coming from all IU health hospitals and affiliated centers, in addition to its academic reputation and wonderful state-of-the-art department facility. Fellows here get to learn and work with a group of great hematopathologists who have a valuable teaching and clinical experience and offer a plenty of research opportunities and projects as well.
My current academic interests include expanding my knowledge in the field of neoplastic hematopathology, especially in the area of lymphomas and the correlation between morphologic and molecular profiles of hematological tumors. 
Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with the family, watching soccer and traveling

Neeraja Yerrapotu, MBBS


Kenneth Gavina, PhD

I have a PhD in medical microbiology & immunology with industry and post-doctoral experience in point-of-care diagnostics and molecular diagnostic development. What drew me to IU School of Medicine was the state-of-the-art pathology laboratory, volume of testing and clinical exposure, broad research opportunities, and excellent teachers. My current academic interests include diagnostic test development, laboratory automation, and molecular pathology. My non-academic interests include cooking, coffee, sports, and hiking. I am also a nationally certified coach for Olympic Weightlifting and would like to one day compete in the IWF Masters Weightlifting Championships.

Laurice Flowers, PhD

Brynne Whitacre, PhD

The Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine’s Microbiology Fellowship program at IU School of Medicine offers an exceptional mentoring experience, clinical training, and wonderful research opportunities. My research interests include expanding field-deployable microbiology testing capabilities and deployable medicine, virology, molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases, and antimicrobial testing. In my free time, I enjoy hiking with my dog and exploring new places.