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Graduates of the Dermatopathology Fellowship at IU School of Medicine pursue successful careers in private practice and academic medicine.

Graduated Fellows

portrait of Stephani A. Ali, MD

Stefanie A. Ali, MD

I am currently working as a Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist in a large volume private practice group in the Chicago suburbs. I spend my time with an equal split between clinic and at the microscope, which is my perfect personal balance. Coming into fellowship at IU with from a Dermatology residency program, I spent the year immersing myself in pathology and making the transition from "boards" dermatopathology education to real world dermatopathology training. After fellowship I felt extremely well prepared to hit the ground running, at that time as the solo dermatopathologist for a private group. I have now been in private practice for nearly 5 years, and frequently reflect upon how valuable the IU fellowship program was for my career. 

portrait of Andrew Armstrong, MD

Andrew Armstrong, MD

After completing my fellowship training with Dr. Simon Warren in 2011, I joined a private practice group in central IL.  Having been fortunate to receive multiple offers, I selected my current position as I was looking for a private practice setting with partnership track opportunity.  I currently serve as president of my group and practice dermatopathology as well as general anatomic / clinical pathology.  The dermatopathology fellowship program at Indiana University offers exposure to the entire spectrum of cases one will see in practice regardless of where one practices.  During my fellowship I had nearly unlimited scope time with Dr. Warren as well as ample time to preview / work up cases in order to build independence.  After completing the program I was able to seamlessly transition to independent practice and had no difficulty with my dermatopathology boards.  This is a wonderful program which I highly recommend. 

portrait of Paul Hillesheim, MD

Paul Hillesheim, MD

I was the dermatopathology fellow from 2012-2013.

I am currently at SouthEastern Pathology and have been for 2 years after 5 years at Columbus Veterans Administration Healthcare facility.

I sign out both Dermatopathology and Surgical pathology.

What I enjoyed most about the fellowship was the wide range of cases we saw at IU, the multi-disciplinary conferences, and the clinical experience with IU Dermatology.

portrait of Konstantinos Linos, MD

Konstantinos Linos, MD

Dr. Konstantinos Linos is a dermatopathologist/Bone & Soft Tissue pathologist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Assistant Professor of Pathology in Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. He has completed fellowships in dermatopathology, surgical pathology, and bone & soft tissue pathology from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Indiana University, and Emory University. He is the director of bone and soft tissue pathology at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Dr Linos has authored numerous publications and book chapters.

"Looking back I can attest that during my Dermatopathology Fellowship in Indiana University I had the best possible training. A wide variety of specimens and the collective experience of my mentors Drs Simon Warren and Matthew Kuhar prepared me extremely well for the challenges of independent practice" .

portrait of Hani Osman, MD

Hany Osman, MD

Post fellowship: Research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital in in-vivo microscopy

Currently: Joined Fort Wayne Dermatology Consultants as a dermatopathologist

What I got from the fellowship: This fellowship offers excellent training opportunities with expert dermatopathologists. I had a great exposure to a large volume of cases with varying complexities. There were plenty of learning opportunities through grand rounds, tumor boards, journal clubs and research. By the end of the fellowship, I felt prepared to start my career as a dermatopathologist. In my current job, I am continuously grateful for the experience I gained during my fellowship, especially when I approach difficult cases. Further, I had an excellent clinical learning experience with the dermatologists who were motivated to teach during my clinic rotations.

portrait of Matt Strausberg, MD

Matt Strausburg, MD

Since fellowship Dr Strausburg has been in private practice practicing both clinical dermatology and dermatopathology at Cutaneous and Maxillofacial Pathology Laboratory.

“I loved my fellowship at IU! I thought we had a great mix of both common, and importantly difficult and rare cases during fellowship. I think learning from 3 different dermatopathologists with different backgrounds and interests helped me to become very well rounded in my training. I also appreciate that being in the Indianapolis area I can still rely on their expertise for consultation on difficult cases and stay in touch with the department regularly. I would highly recommend this fellowship to anyone interested in dermatopathology and I felt confident to sign out cases on my own when leaving the program.”