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Prostate Screening Controversy, This Week on Sound Medicine


Sound Medicine airs Sunday, Oct.23, at 2 p.m. on WFYI, 90.1FM. For the airtime on a public radio station near you, check the Sound Medicine website

Prostate cancer screening controversy. Recently, a U.S. government health panel recommended healthy men not receive a common prostate cancer screening test, the prostate-specific antigen or PSA test. The panel concluded that the PSA test doesn’t save lives and can lead to treatments with serious side effects such as impotence and incontinence. Indiana University Department of Urology Chairman Michael Koch, M.D., strongly disagrees with the recommendation. In a chat with Sound Medicine’s David Crabb, M.D., Dr. Koch will explain his objections to the panel’s conclusion and make his own recommendations for men.

Making decisions about Gardasil. The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil prevents cervical cancer, but controversy surrounds the drug, chiefly over recommendations to provide the vaccine to adolescent girls. As a result, it is unclear how women age 18 to 21 are making decisions about the vaccine. To explore the issue, IU marketing professors Dena Cox, Ph.D., and Tony Cox, Ph.D., are conducting a national study to determine the best ways to inform women about the benefits and risks of the vaccine. The Coxes, a married couple, will chat with Steve Bogdewic, Ph.D., about the debates over Gardasil and about their research, which is funded by Merck, the maker of the vaccine. The Coxes are both faculty fellows at the IU Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis.

A heart surgeon grants a wish.  Nursing home resident Pat Studebaker had an unusual item on her bucket list: she wanted to watch an open heart surgery. Recently, Indianapolis-based heart surgeon Marc Gerdisch, M.D., granted her wish. Dr. Gerdisch and Mrs. Studebaker will discuss her experience in the operating room, where she got a close-up view of a valve replacement operation. Dr. Gerdisch is chief of cardiothoracic surgery at the St. Francis Heart Center. 

Book: In Stitches. Lastly this week, plastic surgeon and blogger Tony Youn will discuss his newly published memoir, In Stitches, with Kathy Miller, M.D. The book is Youn’s amusing take on his struggles to become a doctor. He talks about growing up a geek, family pressure to be a doctor, and the high stress of medical school.

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