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Researchers learn to predict very preterm birth, neonatal complications in early pregnancy

Researchers are learning more about ways to predict the likelihood of newborn complications from early in pregnancy using samples provided by the Indiana University School of Medicine Building Blocks of Pregnancy Biobank.

IU School of Medicine  |  Jan 07, 2021

IU School of Medicine launches new regenerative medicine PhD program aimed at workforce development

Indiana University School of Medicine is excited to announce a new PhD program in regenerative medicine and technologies, a rapidly growing discipline which will shape the future of health care.

IU School of Medicine  |  Jan 05, 2021

IU School of Medicine researchers publish first scientific article dedicated to Tyler Trent’s donated tumors, his legacy

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine have published their work about a specific type of childhood cancer in the peer-reviewed, international oncology journal, Cancers. This research involves a combination therapy that significantly slows tumor growth in models, which includes a model established from cells taken from tumors donated by Tyler Trent.

IU School of Medicine  |  Dec 01, 2020

COVID-19 vaccine study underway at IU School of Medicine

Indiana University School of Medicine announced today that several Hoosier volunteers are now enrolled in the late stage clinical study of an investigational COVID-19 vaccine known as AZD1222, taking place at IU Health University Hospital. Within days of announcing IU School of Medicine as one of the study sites, more than 3,000 Hoosiers created volunteer profiles through All IN for Health, a program of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI).

IU School of Medicine  |  Nov 17, 2020

An evolutionary cul-de-sac: Study suggests most humans are vulnerable to Type 2 diabetes

Scientists have found that insulin has met an evolutionary cul-de-sac, limiting its ability to adapt to obesity and thereby rendering most people vulnerable to Type 2 diabetes. A recent study from scientists at Indiana University School of Medicine, the University of Michigan and Case Western Reserve University has determined that the sequence of insulin has become entrenched at the edge of impaired production, an intrinsic vulnerability unmasked by rare mutations in the insulin gene causing diabetes in childhood

IU School of Medicine  |  Nov 02, 2020

New psychiatry residency program hopes to ease physician shortage in northwest Indiana

Indiana University School of Medicine is partnering with the Northwest Indiana GME Consortium to launch a new psychiatry residency program at its regional campus in northwest Indiana aimed at treating an underserved population in that part of the state.

Christina Griffiths  |  Oct 20, 2020

IU researchers join nationwide effort to use artificial intelligence in study of Alzheimer's disease

A new $17.8 million grant will help researchers discover novel ways to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease through state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) methods.

Christina Griffiths  |  Oct 15, 2020

Researchers developing model to help people with traumatic brain injury overcome long-term challenges

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine are hoping to develop a new model to help those who experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI) recover and better manage challenges that result from their injury.

Christina Griffiths  |  Oct 13, 2020

Walther Cancer Foundation $11 million investment to expand IU-Purdue bioinformatics collaboration

The Walther Cancer Foundation will invest $11 million to advance collaborative cancer research at Indiana University and Purdue University by supporting scientists through bioinformatics — an increasingly critical aspect of their work.

IU School of Medicine  |  Oct 08, 2020

IU School of Medicine names new cancer center director, announces $15 million supporting gift from Walther Cancer Foundation

Indiana University School of Medicine has announced the hiring of a world-recognized medical oncologist and multiple myeloma researcher to lead the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center, bolstered by a $15 million fund established by the Walther Cancer Foundation to support him in this role.   

IU School of Medicine  |  Oct 07, 2020