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This Week on Sound Medicine- July 10 and 11


Co-host Kathy Miller, M.D., associate professor of medicine and breast cancer specialist at Indiana University School of Medicine, will provide an update on the most significant papers presented at the recent meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncologists.

Co-host David Crabb, M.D., chairman of the Department of Medicine and professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at IU School of Medicine, will explain the nuances of a study that found a 10 percent increase in hospital deaths in July, the first month that new medical residents are on duty.

Greg Pawlson, M.D., M.P.H., executive vice president of the National Committee for Quality Assurance, will discuss development of metrics to measure value-based health care.

Rachel Manber, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Stanford School of Medicine, will discuss her study of using acupuncture to treat depression in pregnant women.

Gerald Imber, M.D., a surgeon and author, will discuss his latest book, Genius on the Edge: The Bizarre Double Life of Dr. William Stewart Halsted, who is known as the father of modern surgery and struggled with drug addiction throughout his life.

This week’s Sound Medicine “Checkup” will explore the effects of hot peppers in your diet with David Heber, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Center for Human Nutrition at David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA.

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