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<p>This weekend, October 18 and 19, Sound Medicine, the award-winning weekly public radio program hosted by Barbara Lewis, will discuss wrist to heart catheterization, undiagnosed diseases and &#8220;making it through&#8221; cancer.</p>

This Week on Sound Medicine — Oct. 19

Sunil Rao, M.D., director of the cardiac catheterization lab at the Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center will join Sound Medicine to discuss his recent findings that wrist to heart catheterization is safer than the conventional technique starting in the groin. This new study finds that starting the catheter at the wrist cuts down on bleeding but the procedure is used in less than 2 percent of all heart catheterizations.

The NIH has launched an Undiagnosed Diseases Program to investigate mysterious illnesses. William Gahl, M.D., Ph.D., clinical director at the National Human Genome Research Institute, and Stephen Groft, Pharm.D., director of the Office of Rare Diseases, will discuss this new program which aims to improve disease management for individuals and to advance medical knowledge in general.

Julie Silver, M.D., assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School and author of What Helped Get Me Through, will explain her book which was published by the American Cancer Society. Dr. Silver hopes to help both cancer patients and their friends and family who want to help and don’t know how “make it through” the disease.

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