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<p>This weekend, April 19 and 20, Sound Medicine, the award-winning weekly radio program hosted by Barbara Lewis, focuses on colonoscopy screenings, breast cancer research and special needs children transitioning to adult medical care.</p>

This Week on Sound Medicine — April 20

Douglas Rex, M.D., director of endoscopy at Indiana University Hospital, joins host Barbara Lewis to discuss the importance of careful colonoscopy to not only look for the more familiar polyps but also flat growths on the colon wall which are more common and likely to be more cancerous.

Co-host Kathy Miller, M.D., a breast cancer specialist at the IU Simon Cancer Center, provides information on the latest developments in breast cancer research and the value of large scale research projects like those funded by the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure.

Thanks to advances in pediatric medicine, children with special needs are living longer than ever before. Guest-host Stephen Bogdewic, Ph.D., is joined by Mary Ciccarelli, M.D., the associate medicine pediatric program director and the associate chair for pediatric education at the Indiana University School of Medicine, to discuss how special needs children must make the transition from being cared for by a pediatrician to entering the world of adult medical care.

Also, co-host Kathy Miller, M.D. discusses the book “Good Calories, Bad Calories” with author Gary Taubes where he argues that nutrition and public health research and policy have been driven by poor science; he specifically challenges the effectiveness of low fat diets.

NPR reporter, Alix Spiegel “deconstructs” the traditional family dinner to explain its multiple health benefits.

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Sound Medicine is underwritten by the Lilly Center for Medical Science, Clarian Health, and IU Medical Group; Jeremy Shere’s “Check-Up” is underwritten by IUPUI.