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<p>This weekend, March 15 and 16, Sound Medicine, the award-winning weekly radio program hosted by Barbara Lewis, discusses celebrities and fertility, urinary incontinence and breast reconstruction.</p>

This Week on Sound Medicine — March 16

Co-host Steve Bogdewic, Ph.D., speaks with Laura Reuter, M.D., a reproductive endocrinologist at Midwest Fertility Specialists about the trend of celebrities over 40 giving birth and the confusion created about the realities of fertility.

Kathy Miller, M.D., a breast cancer specialist with the Indiana University School of Medicine and regular contributor to Sound Medicine, explains the reasons behind recent findings that many women don’t explore all the surgical options available following breast cancer surgery.

Host Barbara Lewis speaks with Jacek Mostwin, M.D., D.Phil., a professor of urology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and author of “The Women’s Guide to Urinary Incontinence” about ways to deal with the problem, which some people find so embarrassing that they don’t mention it to their doctors.

David Crabb, M.D. speaks with Pauline Chen, M.D., a liver transplant specialist at UCLA Medical Center and author of “Final Exam” about how doctors tend to be at a loss when it comes to confronting death. She shares stories of how she learned to cope and how she communicates her experience to young physicians – stories which are both heart-breaking and inspiring.

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Sound Medicine is underwritten by the Lilly Center for Medical Science, Clarian Health, and IU Medical Group; Jeremy Shere’s “Check-Up” is underwritten by IUPUI.