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Neurosurgical Oncology

Clinical care for patients with brain and spine tumors is an essential component of the Department of Neurological Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Surgical offerings among neuro-oncologists include open complex microsurgical approaches for intrinsic and extra-axial tumors, complex surgical resection and reconstruction of spinal primary and metastatic lesions, intraoperative MRI (IMRIS) assisted resection of low-grade brain tumors, advanced, minimally invasive and cutting edge endoscopic skull base approaches in collaboration with the Department of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery (neurotology and rhinology), and awake craniotomy with cortical mapping. State-of-the-art equipment is available to advance the safety of these complex microsurgical procedures, including frameless stereotactic navigation, intraoperative imaging, fluorescence guidance, O-arm and neuro-physiology/neuro-monitoring services.

The department offers a one-year oncology/skull base fellowship experience in managing complex brain tumors.

Oncology/Skull Base Fellowship

Looking for Patient Care?

To schedule an appointment with a neurosurgeon, call IU Health at 317-963-1300 or search the IU Health Find a Doctor portal.

Bradley N. Bohnstedt, MD

Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery

James C. Miller, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Neurological Surgery

Matthew W. Pease, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery

Angela M. Richardson, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery

Mitesh V. Shah, MD

Chair, Department of Neurological Surgery