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Neurological Surgery Lectureships

The Department of Neurological Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine offers four endowed lectureships each year. National leaders in neurological surgery come to campus to inspire and speak about complex topics to IU School of Medicine faculty and trainees.

Frew Lecture

Jack and Sabina Frew first learned about IU Health Methodist Hospital by watching the Indianapolis 500 and hearing about the care IU Health provides professional racecar drivers. Not long afterward, Jack sought care from IU Health, traveling from Florida to Indianapolis to seek expert medical advice for himself. At that time, Jack and Sabina met the late Dr. Julius Goodman, who treated them with the utmost respect while providing care which allowed Jack to return to better health. Based on this patient experience and outstanding care, Jack and Sabina chose to honor Dr. Goodman by establishing the Jack and Sabina Frew Lectureship.

Since 2003, this annual lectureship has assembled esteemed neuroscience clinicians and professionals to share research and discuss medical advances in neurosurgery, neurology, neuro critical care and trauma. After Jack died in 2016, Sabina has carried on the couple’s generosity and passion for learning. Their support realizes Dr. Goodman’s vision for fostering a cohesive culture for neuroscience professionals to advance innovative approaches to care.

Pictured is 2023 Frew Lecture Keynote Speaker, Dr. Michael Fehlings.

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Past Frew Lecture Brochures

Campbell Lecture

a group of faculty stand between two ferns at a lectureDr. Robert L. Campbell, one of the giants in the neurosurgery specialty, was an outstanding clinician and surgeon. He trained an entire generation of neurosurgeons, many of whom are still practicing in this area and around the country. Dr. Campbell passed away on August 16, 2018, at the age of 92. Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine was partly named in his honor.

Dr. Campbell started a residency in neurological surgery at Indiana University Medical Center. He completed his residency in June 1957 and became a member of the neurosurgery faculty quickly rising to the leadership position of Section Head in 1964, which he remained until 1992.

Dr. Campbell faithfully attended nearly all of the Department’s annual lectureships, including one in his honor. He was a member of many neurosurgical organizations, including the Society of Neurological Surgeons. After his retirement, friends, grateful patients and former residents honored him by contributing funds that created the Robert Campbell Professorship and Robert Campbell Lectureship in 1994.

Pictured is 2023 Campbell Lecture Keynote Speaker, Dr. Vincent C. Traynelis.

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Mealey Lecture

a group of faculty in a mix of scrubs and suits

The Mealey Lectureship honors Dr. John Mealey, Jr., for his years of dedication and passion for research in neuro-oncology. Dr. Mealey received his Doctorate of Medicine from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and completed his internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He completed his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and his fellowship at Harvard Medical School.

In 1960, Dr. Mealey joined the IU School of Medicine Department of Surgery, Section of Neurosurgery, and became Professor of Surgery in 1969 and Professor Emeritus of Neurological Surgery in 1996. Dr. Mealey was a member of the National Brain Tumor Cooperative Group of the National Cancer Institute from 1968 until the mid-1990’s and served on the Clinical Cancer Training Committee of the National Cancer Institute from 1970–73. He co-authored more than 50 publications related to CNS neoplasia.

Pictured is 2023 Mealey Lecture Keynote Speaker, Dr. Theodore H. Schwartz.

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Past Mealey Lecture Brochures

Kalsbeck Lecture

2024 Kalsbeck Lecture Keynote Speaker, Dr. Edward R. Smith

The Kalsbeck Lectureship honors John Edward Kalsbeck, MD, for his years of dedication to pediatric neurosurgery. Dr. Kalsbeck was a professor of Neurological Surgery at IU School of Medicine for 42 years. He was the first neurosurgeon in the state of Indiana dedicated to pediatrics. Dr. Kalsbeck graduated from Calvin College with degrees in Chemistry and Philosophy. He attended medical school at the University of Michigan and then completed a residency in neurology. Dr. Kalsbeck entered neurosurgical residency in 1956 and was one of the first three residents in the newly created training program at IU. Dr. Kalsbeck was an innovator. He was generations ahead of his time, performing surgeries that would be considered “cutting edge” today. He pioneered techniques in performing hemispherectomies in children with epilepsy. He had a special interest in craniofacial surgery. During his career, Dr. Kalsbeck inspired multiple trainees to pursue a career in pediatric neurosurgery. Dr. Kalsbeck and Dr. Thomas Luerssen established the first pediatric neurosurgery fellowship training program in Indiana. Dr. Luerssen and other faculty later honored his service by establishing the Dr. John E. Kalsbeck Professorship in Pediatric Neurosurgery in 2006. Dr. Kalsbeck passed away in 2017 at the age of 89.

Pictured is 2024 Kalsbeck Lecture Keynote Speaker, Dr. Edward R. Smith.

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