Neurological Surgery Research

Research in the Department of Neurological Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine encompasses the development of innovative techniques and increasing the success of proven treatments. Whether through clinical and laboratory research projects or involvement in multi-center clinical trials and databases, Department of Neurological Surgery faculty researchers dedicate their life’s work to advancing treatment solutions in this critical area of medicine.

77 publications
2.6 million in total grant funding
16 total awards
Basic scientist labs

Yadav Lab

The Brain-Spine-Machine Interfaces Lab, led by Amol P. Yadav, PhD, is working to develop neural recording and stimulation tools to treat neurological disorders and understand the brain-spine relationship from a systems neuroscience perspective.
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Spinal Cord Lab

The Laboratory of Spinal Cord Regenerative Medicine studies mechanisms underlying traumatic spinal cord and brain injuries and to develop novel repair strategies to promote neural reorganization and functional recovery in experimental models of these injuries.
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surgeon scientist labs

Gupta Lab

The laboratory of Kunal Gupta, MD, PhD, works to understand the mechanisms responsible for pathological and therapeutic remodeling in the development of epilepsy. Gupta and his team aims to discover novel therapeutic strategies that might prevent the development of epilepsy and recurrence after epilepsy surgery.
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Neurosurgery Researchers

Tailor Lab

The laboratory of Jignesh Tailor, MD, PhD, has developed a unique human neural stem cell system to study the role of cancer predisposition gene mutations in brain tumorigenesis. The lab aims to understand how brain tumors are generated in developing human brain so that molecular targets can be identified to prevent tumor formation.
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Active Clinical Research Investigations