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Thinking About Retirement

Retirement allows you to focus on personal life goals through new opportunities and there are a variety of options and policies to consider as you determine which path to retirement works best for you and your family. The tools and resources below will empower you to make the best decision and facilitate a smooth transition.

Considerations for Dually Employed Faculty

Dually-employed faculty have additional considerations. Email Troy Taylor, Director of Human Resources at IU Health Physicians at to understand your clinical retirement income.

Schedule One-on-One Counseling

Schedule one-on-one counseling with Fidelity to understand your retirement benefits.

Meet with a colleague from Faculty Affairs and Professional Development for a one-on-one consultation about retirement while dually employed. Email Tracy Gossett, executive administrative assistant, at

Discover the Benefits of IU Retiree Status

Faculty eligible for IU Retiree status still have access to a range of benefits, including IU tuition benefits, medical care coverage and life insurance. Learn more by visiting Human Resources, or by reading the official policy on IU Retiree status. You may also contact HR at or 812-856-1234.

Ease Into Retirement

Consider the IU Phased Retirement Program

Discuss your intent to retire with your department director/division director and outline a transition plan.

If you have a lab, consult the guide to transition or close a lab as part of your preparation.