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<p>Indiana University School of Medicine Medical Student Council Meeting Agenda Feb. 21, 2018 Theme: Visit from Dean Wallach, Interview Day, Spring elections Call to order, Opening Remarks, Approval of Minutes Second meeting of the year. We have a lot to cover. Goals for the day is to hear from the new dean of medical education. [&hellip;]</p>

Read the Feb. 2018 MSC meeting minutes


Students talking in class

Indiana University School of Medicine
Medical Student Council Meeting Agenda
Feb. 21, 2018
Theme: Visit from Dean Wallach, Interview Day, Spring elections

  1. Call to order, Opening Remarks, Approval of Minutes

Second meeting of the year. We have a lot to cover. Goals for the day is to hear from the new dean of medical education. After MSC updates, we will have interview day and election updates. Then we will have updates on SCLC vote updates. There is no March meeting.

  1. Campus Reports


  • This Friday we have 2nd years that are having a medical science award from faculty. We are doing a couple wellness events with orange theory and other places.


  • Wellness events this week and we are having yoga on Friday. We just got word on student-run clinic and it is moving forward.

Fort Wayne

  • Wellness events with Zoomba, healthy snacks. Did a clerkship event with the family medicine director and one about moms’ and babies education.


  • IUD workshop and worked with Lafayette urban ministry.


  • Wellness events and started doing yoga/meditation each Wednesday. Looking forward to community wellness where we are starting a clinic here in Muncie.


  • Trying to set up a health fair with national kidney foundation. We are going to have some talks, including one with an orthopedic surgeon. And a lot of people are going to conferences soon.

South Bend

  • 2 student clinics, ultrasound labs and counseling on

Terre Haute

  • Student run clinic just had Women’s Health day and saw 42 patients! Also, massage therapy students from ISU just started at the clinic. We are having wellness massages from ISU students this week too. We are also having a phlebotomy clinic as well.
  1. Class Officer Reports

Ronit Patnaik,  President, Class of 2018. Savannah Enders giving updates

  • Ronit is out of the country right now. Our rank lists are due in 2.5 hours, ah! We appreciate everyone who is volunteered for the match day events. We’d love for you to come help out and clean up too, we love seeing students from other classes help out! Senior banquet information is coming. Our peace and reflection room will be opening March 6th and we would love all of the student leaders to come. It will be a room to meditate and reflect. It is March 6th at 5pm at Gatch hall on the 6th floor.

Kishan Shah, President, Class of 2019

  • Our 3rd years are planning on going to the career fair this Friday. There will also be dual career people there to facilitate any information on that.
    • Whitney — it is open to all 1st, 2nd and 3rd years across the state.
  • Jacket updates from Carynn — I want to apologize for how suboptimal this has been. I want to personally thank the class of 2021 officers from across the state because they have been really helpful. This has kind of been a slow process, so keep looking for updates.

Zain Abedali, President, Class of 2020

  • Second years have 3 days of class left. Taking step in a month and we aren’t that excited. Updates, in Indy we did end of phase 1 superlatives. Statewide updates: we have transitioning to Indy questionnaire and am submitting it to the blogs after this to Whitney. The first round of questions should be answered. Regional campuses, please encourage your classmates to post questions and look at these. See you in 2 months!

Gabe Gerena, President, Class of 2021

  • As far as first years are concerned, we finished our FHD course. We haven’t received the results from the first NBME, so stayed tuned if I passed or not. One of the areas of improvement for the LCME were the course response feedback percentages, so we stayed after class to fill out responses. And since then, Dean Hess promised our class $2500 for match day or other funds. If you are a first year and listening, please include them on this! As far as social events, we are hosting a bar crawl on March 17th, anyone is welcome to come. 
  1. Exec Reports

Julie Bittar- President

  • Spring elections

Ben Stivers- VP Leadership

  • Alumni events
    • Getting more events going. Got a lot of good ideas. Possible panels with alumni. Possible mixers with alumni with CME for those alumni. Could just tack onto these events that already have CME in place.
    • Hoping to have these first events in April after the second years are done with step. Be on the lookout for that.
    • Working with Chanelle to start an alumni ambassador committee to have more interaction with alumni.
    • House rep spots will have elections the week of April 8-14th
  • Zain — what is a house rep and what are we voting on?
    • They are the campus reps. That was based on the vote from last semester. We decided that for 3rd year we decided that one will stay at the campus and one representative is in Indianapolis. That is going to happen in April for the class of 2020.
      • Zain — What about officers (president, VP, etc.)
      • Julie — we know the campus elections will be happening April 14th, but when will you do VP and president.
        • Lauren — why are you doing this in April?
      • We are doing this in April for the class of 2020 because we are starting the 3rd year earlier.
        • Zain — we will be doing a new one for the new 3rd year classes in April, everyone else will be in August.
      • Julie — the main election that will be happening for the 3rd year class in April will be for house reps. Yearly VP and president elections will still occur in August.
        • This will all be done by MSC.
      • Guadalupe from Lafayette, class of 2021 — when do we bring up concerns/suggestions from regional campuses?
        • Ben — I think the first route would be to talk in the Groupmes and through me and then we could bring it up later.
          • Julie — you can bring it up now though if you’d like.
          • We are thinking about flexible FCP clinic days and if we could switch days. Indy campus said that there are no possible way to change this unless the student is sick. It was immediately shot down and we were wondering if we could deal with it.
            • Julie — we will talk to administrators here and get it taken care of and get back to you.
            • Suggestion from Guadalupe — we are thinking we could integrate multiple campuses and have a sports day and trophy. And then every year this trophy could go to someone every year.
              • Vanni — that is a good idea.
              • David — seems like a good way for college and house funds. We have a trophy already.
                • Julie — thank you for bringing this up. David Nieling will be in touch with you on more of the statewide events.

Chanelle Benjamin- VP Committee Affairs

  • Interview Day — APRIL 14th
    • Be on the lookout for updates!
    • Communication will be going to the student body next week regarding the new date.

Vanni Rodriguez- VP Statewide Affairs

  • Super SIGs
    • Biggest update for the Super SIGs and we have a rough draft of what we are doing. We will “cluster” between the different sigs. Like there will be a primary care cluster that will be central state-wide and will have representatives statewide. They will have more career mentoring and faculty that will represent the spots. This will help with every campus have faculty that they can go to for mentorship.
    • Do you guys have any questions?
      • Julie — if you have any interests, please reach out to Vanni! Especially regional campuses.
      • Vanni — please reach out to me!

Anthony Boeteng- Treasurer

  • Number requests — 16
  • Amount requested — $2,300.01
  • Beginning Balance — $8,829.69
  • Current Balance — $7,916.43
    • Not everyone has gotten their money yet, which is why there is discrepancy. All the center reps, please respond to my email about the consolidation of the “how to get funding” guide. Only 6/9 have responded and I am still waiting for 3.

Rebecca Richardson- Secretary & Whitney

  • Rebecca- I have a brief update, as you guys hopefully saw we made a statewide update video this week. Students from all over the state could see it. Whitney is here and she is our communication point person for this.
    • Whitney- Pulling up presentation. Just in case anyone has not met me before I am Whitney and I am the communications coordinator
      • Rebecca- and I am going to send this presentation out to everyone as well
    • Whitney- Primarily it’s going to be the newsletter, the MSC website, the blogs and then the website. Just doing a reminder. Rebecca and I have been working on transitioning the MSC site to the new med school web domain so it will make it easier to transition from year to year so you don’t have to pay for the MSC website each year. So one of the big bonuses is you won’t have to worry about paying anything. Also edit access will stay the same. It’s wordpress so it will be the exact same editing on the back end as you are used to on MSC site. We can keep it this design, once everything is up though, around March everything should be done and we will look into different themes. Ok so the newsletter, it’s been out a month and a half so far and I want to check in with you all to make sure if there are any questions and a reminder to keep submitting news, events, updates. The newsletter goes out each monday and I try to get the updates at 12 PM on wednesday. I want to get more regional campuses updates on this. Regional campuses- thoughts? Do you like it? (body- says yes). I try to make it as easy as possible. Anything negative? That’s as helpful as the positives
      • Kishan- is that “submit at student news” the one you need. Can you move that closer to the top for them?
        • Whitney- yes
        • Kishan- that would be awesome
      • Whitney- anyone else- regional campuses?
        • Guadalupe- I like it I think it’s more efficient. I like them. Also my classmates had positive feedback on them.
        • Whitney- do you want more video/graphics or do you like as is?
        • Guadalupe- yes I think most people watch the videos
      • Elizabeth- can we change the formatting of some of the text so instead of having the announcement underlined since it’s a link. Can we just have a portion of that announcement be a link instead of the whole thing being a link and the whole thing being underlined. It’s just a lot of underlining and to me it’s not visually appealing
        • Rebecca- I felt the same way too. Also, whitney is the point person for this so if you have any questions for her I will include her email. We also have a “recurrence” button so if you want a recurrent event on the newsletter they can have that as well
      • Whitney- Yeah and the form is pretty easy to follow as well. If you have any questions I will make sure my email is shared. Also my office is down the hall if you want to come. Also has anyone seen the facts for the newsletter this gives an overview for the content and how to submit. Would that be good to resend out to everyone? (Yeah) Ok so we will resend that out. Ok also the event posting- we will work on consolidating all of the events so you are not searching on 7 different websites to see what is going on this week. I want to set up training sessions to get people access to get people trained for it. Once you get access it’s super easy- like 3 steps to make the post
        • Julie- I think that sending out a signup for training would be good so this is the last communications specific discussion we have here
          • Zain- is there any canvas module we could do for this?
          • Everyone- that’s a good idea
            • Kishan- yeah especially since SIGS have their elections at different times
          • Whitney- also the blogs if there is any advice or any stories you want to share.
          • Kishan- A lot of the emails that we send out are determined last minute and we miss the submission deadline is there any other way we can get that info out
            • David- I’m working with the Den right now and this is one of the reasons to use the Den and they allow you to make the members lists so you can send to just your members so students can opt in
              • Lauren- What’s the difference with that and our listserv
              • David- fair question, I’m just trying to make it work
            • Rebecca- I think this shift is going to be a gradual thing and I think that the newsletter is still a statewide specific. So if you think it’s too hard you can still use your class serv for a while. Once we start making exceptions we will have to start making exceptions for everyone
              • Innocent- so just asking for an average student. The stuff that is required will still get us straight to our email. Like the communication from the university or does everything have to go to the newsletter
              • Rebecca- we are going to get a lot of double posts for now but in the future we’re not going to
            • Whitney- Ideally we would have that info by the Wednesday before it goes out on monday it’s a good habit to get into. But say it’s an emergency like the Daly center flood then it’s ok to use a listserv because that can’t wait. We are trying to transition more into planning and getting ahead. Does that help? We can talk more after
          • Rebecca- if anyone has more questions they can email/text me or whitney
            • Whitney- It would be helpful if you can email so I can compile and send out a FAQ
          • Rebecca- real quick I have the groupme and facebook link in the minutes. Now we need the class officer updates, Kishan will you start with that (refer to class officer updates).


  1. Dr. Paul Wallach visit
  • Good afternoon and thank you Julie for inviting me. You guys do such a good job communicating information and it’s really terrific. For those of you around the state, my plan is to visit every campus before labor day, hopefully. We need to poll a group of students and there will be food involved. I look forward to meeting everyone on the Indianapolis campus as well. I encourage all of you drop in and talk with me. I’d love for you to text me too, just ask for my number. Please just let me know if anything is going on in your life. Please let me know if anything bad happens as well so I can be there to support you. My wife and I moved here 3 weeks ago, once we get the boxes cleared, we’d love to have students over to the house. We like to have 20 or so students over at a time. These are meant to be social events and so you get a free dinner. I understand these are good for medical students
  • I am a general internist by training and I spent 27 years at the University of South Florida. Spent a few years in the medical College of Georgia, and now I am here. My staff in Georgia kept saying, do you know it’s cold there? But I kept saying the office temperature is identical and the warmth of everyone’s heart is keeping it warm. The student environment is essential and your growth is important to me. I will do my flat best in working with trying to create the best learning and educational environment for all of you. That is the nature of my work and I can’t do it without all of you. I look forward to hearing from you and am happy to take any questions from all of you.
    • Question: where is your office?
      • 6th floor of Fairbanks. I feel like that is a little far and am trying to find some space here. I am trying to find some space in the library. Working on an office in the library. Possibly the Swain office where the Deans have their open office hours. I will try and spend some time in either place. If you want to meet with me with a cool idea, I can come to you rather than fairbanks.
      • My email is
    • Statewide if you guys have questions, let me know.
  • These are some of the projects that I finished over the last 5 years:
    • I created a clinic for ultrasound training and it is an incredible education tool and in clinical practice. We created a 4 year curriculum for medical students. I am more than jealous of my students that got to go through the program. I’ll give you one example. I stopped in the ultrasound room and they doing a module on the rotator cuff. I have worked a lot with rotator cuffs, but watching it move was one of the first times I actually understood the rotator cuff. It came alive for me. I think it is a really good way to approach learning anatomy and other things. Like learning what morphologically happens with shock. In EM you can do a FAST exam and look at the heart and vena cava, etc. 5 years from now I think the ultrasound will be in the pocket of every doctor, other than a psychiatrist. Well, maybe they’ll even find a use for them. It is an important tool for students. We are also trying to get this implace for residencies as well.
    • We created class deans and they were really specialized in transfers for each class. We built academic houses throughout each class and they had physical space they could use. We built a bunch of dual-degree programs, even really short programs that can go on their CVs. Students were able to put these on their CVs, but also developing interests to themselves. I want to place that here and would love to hear your interests so we can start that.
  • I am so excited to be here. People are asking me how it is going and I keep saying that I am having a BLAST! And thank you all very much and please invite me back whenever you want me to come!
  1. SCLC Vote Results
  • Voting results showed an overwhelming vote for 2 indy reps +1 rep per campus ONE time at the beginning of year. This voting for this will happen at the next MSC meeting.
  • We ended up taking your short answers to FCC about the phase 1 grading policy. So the FCC are going to bring it up at their meeting.
    • Question was poorly worded and comments were mainly aimed at making the NBME worth more, but not have the passing requirement.
      • Kishan — wait they want the NBME to be worth more of the grade.
      • Julie — so right now you have to pass the class as well as the NBME and also worth 30% of the grade. We also have discrepancies between the students and professors.
      • We think it is more natural to have the reps for the curriculum committees bring this up to the necessary people to make the change. They have that committee for a reason. (all agree)
  1. MSSG Updates
  • John — basically each project has to write a reflection piece to stay valid with MSSG. We will be placing them on the blog. Keep a look out for them.
    • Medical spanish service group (MSOL) is looking for an instructor for the medical spanish course.
    • Any SIGs that want to collaborate with MSSG groups should talk to the leaders for the groups.
    • Email for more info!

Daly Update

  1. MS122A Tech Updates
  2. Adjourn meeting 7 PM

Meeting Adjournment

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