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Third-year medical student Cam Smock shares how is creating hope during the pandemic by doing activities he can look forward to every day.

Plan something every day you look forward to: Wellness tips from third-year medical student Cam Smock

Notebook open with text: Wellness 1) healthy diet; 2) regular exercise; 3) relaxation; 4) plenty of rest

This article was written by third-year medical student, Cam Smock.

As the pandemic drags on, it is often difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on advice that I received at the beginning of my medical school journey, “Try to plan something every day that you will look forward to.”

These words, though simple, empower us to create hope in desperate situations. If we can make time each day for just one activity that we enjoy, then we will always have a reason to look forward to tomorrow. If we can string enough of these days together, then soon we will arrive at the light that is surely ahead.

Here are a few activities that I have been looking forward to lately:

The Indianapolis Public Library offers contactless curbside pick-up, e-books and audiobooks. If you are currently in Indy and not already a member, you can sign up for free online. If you are at a regional campus, I would encourage you to check out your local library’s policies. 


    • The Nike Training Club App: Since the start of the pandemic, premium content has been free to all members. This includes over 200 endurance, mobility, strength and yoga workouts that you can do from home with no equipment at all.
    • Fightmaster Yoga: Her YouTube channel has hundreds of videos divided into playlists that help you find the perfect class to fit your availability and preferences. I enjoy how each class ends with Savasana and a powerful quote. (Also, don’t forget about the Wellness Coalition live yoga every Thursday evening!)

Interested in getting involved in wellness initiatives at IU School of Medicine? Learn more about services offered and how to participate.