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Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Training Program Faculty

Michael J. Allen, MD, PhD, BA

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine

Joseph P. Bidwell, PhD

Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology, & Physiology

Lynda F. Bonewald, PhD

Director, Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health

Angela Bruzzaniti, PhD

Director of Student Research, School of Dentistry

John M. Chirgwin, PhD

Professor of Medicine

Linda A. DiMeglio, MD

Professor of Pediatrics

Michael J. Econs, MD

Distinguished Professor

Erik A. Imel, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Melissa A. Kacena, PhD, MS, BS

Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

Todd O. McKinley, MD

Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

Sharon M. Moe, MD

Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research

Fredrick M. Pavalko, PhD

Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology

Munro Peacock, MBCHB

Professor Emeritus of Medicine

Lilian I. Plotkin, PhD

Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology

Alexander G. Robling, PhD

Chair, Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology

G. David D. Roodman, MD, PhD

Distinguished Professor

Uma Sankar, PhD

Associate Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology

Joseph Wallace, PhD

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Stuart J. Warden, PhD

Professor of Physical Therapy, School of Health & Human Sciences

Kenneth E. White, PhD

Chancellor's Professor

Hiroki Yokota, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology

Executive Committee

Alex Robling, PhD

Wade Clapp, MD

Simon Rhodes, PhD

Ed Berbari, PhD

Henry (Hank) Donahue, PhD

External committee member

Professor and Chair, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University

T32 Selection Committee

David Burr, PhD, Selection Committee Chair

Matt Allen, PhD

Gabe Chu, PhD

Melissa Kacena, PhD

Lilian Plotkin, PhD

Diane Wagner, PhD