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Histology and Histomorphometry 

Founded by David Burr, PhD, and currently led by Lilian Plotkin, PhD, the Histology and Histomorphometry Core is currently active on the IU School of Medicine—Indianapolis campus as the Histology Lab Service Core and is currently being redesigned as it becomes a research core of the Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health.

The future design of the core will provide customized services to meet the needs of the musculoskeletal research community. This core will improve accessibility to, and reproducibility of, histological and histomorphometric analyses of all musculoskeletal tissues using standard (histology, immunohistochemistry) and newer (multi-photon microscopy, tissue clearing, 3D histology) techniques developed for musculoskeletal applications. The Histology and Histomorphometry Core will foster collaborations by providing services to musculoskeletal investigators who otherwise would not have access to them and facilitate multidisciplinary research by establishing new relationships with investigators outside the field who might have need for analysis of musculoskeletal tissues. 

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