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Small Animal Skeletal Phenotyping Services

1176 SkyScan MicroCT

1176 is a high-performance in vivo micro-CT scanner for preclinical research. The large-format 11-megapixel x-ray camera gives an unrivaled combination of resolution, image field size and scan speed. Image field width up to 68 mm allows full-body mouse and rat scanning and distal limb scanning for big animals, such as rabbits, at pixel sizes of 9, 18 and 35┬Ám.


1172 Skyscan MicroCT

The SkyScan 1172 desktop µCT is high-resolution micro-computed tomographer for scanning ex vivo samples.  It can scan at 0.7µm voxel size and has dynamically variable acquisition geometry for short scans at any magnification.

VivaCT 40

VivaCT 40

The Scanco Viva µCT-40 in vivo µCT is a high resolution micro-computed tomographer for preclinical studies that allows for longitudinal scans on small animals at voxel resolutions between 10µm and 38µm. Animals are anesthetized with isoflurane gas (separate unit is required, access ports through the X-ray shielding are included). Whole-body scans or scans from selected regions of mice can be made, while head and hind limbs of larger rodents can be scanned using beds supplied with the system. The system can also be used for in vitro specimen scans.

Ultra-Focus Faxitron

Ultra-Focus Faxitron

Is a compact ultra-high-resolution imaging and dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) system. For longitudinal studies, an integrated port provides a safe method for inserting lines for delivering anesthesia. Experience automatic acquisition of BMD, BMC, and body composition results in under 3 minutes.


The GE Lunar PIXImus II mouse densitometer measures areal bone mineral density and content, as well as lean and fat mass in mice and very small rats.  It has a resolution of ~250 um.     

an ulna loading machine

Ulna loading

A Bose/Enduratec Testbench system, customized to apply axial loads to the mouse or rat ulna.

Tibial Loader

Tibial loading

An Electro Force Testbench test instrument is an axial loading system with 150 mm stroke electromagnetic motor.  The maximum force is 225 N.  


The Stratec Research SA+ pQCT scanner assesses true volumetric bone density in research studies on a wide range of animals from mice to rats. The XCT Research SA+ separately measures trabecular and cortical bone compartments detecting bone change in as little as two weeks.  In addition, the instrument can be used to measure muscle mass from CT slices.

a 3 point bending machine

3-point bending

A Test Resource small force MTS for use in testing mouse bones such as mouse femora and radii. This instrument has a force resolution of 0.001 N.