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Development and Education

The Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences thrives in its ability to connect with those who call this department home. Whether its through organizations or school-driven efforts, there are countless opportunities for current and soon-to-be colleagues. The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) Committee helps create a bridge between knowledge and resources and trainees, faculty, staff and current students.

Trainee Recruitment and Outreach

Faculty Recruitment and Engagement

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Each month, the department offers unique opportunities for faculty, staff and trainees to engage with each other and the Indianapolis community. Stay aware of upcoming lectures, outings, conferences and presentations.

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Explore Diversity Applications

School Faculty Affairs encourages continued learning and understanding about different cultures, ethnicities and life experiences that support all faculty and learners, especially those underrepresented in medicine.

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Diversity Committee Opportunities

The school hinges on engagement among its faculty, students and trainees, and provides them with the opportunity to participate in important committees and councils that focus on diversity.

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A department for everyone

The DEIJ Development and Education subcommittee has worked to promote cultural competence, humility and anti-racism across the entire department. By sharing recommended resources from outside the department, the subcommittee presents through professional development noon conferences and visiting professors, with a goal for at least 10 percent of invited lectures to involve DEIJ topics. In 2020, the subcommittee hosted a department-wide (mandatory for leadership) unconscious bias training in partnership with IU School of Medicine Faculty Affairs and Professional Development Diversity (FAPD), as well as a second department-wide presentation on Microaggressions in 2021 by a neuroradiologist who is a nationally-recognized expert in DEIJ work. 

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Connect with the department's DEIJ Committee to learn how to get involved and stay informed on current trainings and education.


Development and Education Members

6874-Ladd, Lauren

Lauren M. Ladd, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology & Imaging Sciences

Read Bio Lauren M. Ladd, MD

6868-Tejada, Juan

Juan G. Tejada, MD

Professor of Clinical Radiology & Imaging Sciences

Read Bio Juan G. Tejada, MD

7107-Liang, Yun

Yun Liang, PhD

Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology & Imaging Sciences

Read Bio Yun Liang, PhD