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<p>This weekend, Sept.18 and 19, <em>Sound Medicine</em> covers the return of pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough. Other topics include early-onset puberty in girls, hot flashes in menopausal women, and the book, <em>The Youth Pill</em>.</p>

The Return of Whooping Cough, This Week on Sound Medicine


March of Dimes medical director Alan Fleischman, M.D., will explain the primary reason for whooping cough’s comeback. In addition, we meet Katie and Craig Van Tornhout, parents of an infant who died of the disease. The Van Tornhouts are now advocates for the pertussis vaccine.

Continuing the topic of vaccines, IU adolescent medicine specialist Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, M.D., will detail the immunizations and booster shots that everyone, including adults, should receive. Dr. Rohr-Kirchgraber also will discuss a recent study of early onset puberty in girls, and in particular the link between early puberty and obesity.

Sound Medicine’s Kathy Miller, M.D., will chat with IU School of Nursing researcher Janet Carpenter, R.N., Ph.D., about menopausal hot flashes, a common but surprisingly mysterious condition. Carpenter is a nationally recognized expert on hot flashes.

David Stipp, author of The Youth Pill, will discuss the science – and the ethics – of anti-aging  treatments with Barbara Lewis and IU bioethicist Eric Meslin, Ph.D. Stipp will talk about the discovery of “the aging gene” and how it has changed the science of gerontology.

In this week’s Checkup feature, Jeremy Shere will talk with American Cancer Society epidemiologist Eric Jacobs, Ph.D., whose long-term research study links waist-size to life-span.

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