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Assisting Autistic Students in School, This Week on Sound Medicine


Indianapolis-based autism consultant Kathy Oehler discusses what’s involved in creating an Individualized Education Plan for autistic students. The IEP is mandated by law for special needs children.

Heart disease expert Joseph Keenan, M.D., explains how eating foods containing plant sterols can lower cholesterol and improve heart health. Dr. Keenan is a former professor of family medicine at the University of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota School of Food Science and Nutrition.

Shortly before his death on July 4 at age 83, Robert Butler, M.D., sat down to discuss his book, The Longevity Prescription, with Sound Medicine’s Steve Bogdewic, Ph.D. Dr. Butler, known as the “father of geriatrics” was the first director of the National Institute on Aging. He also founded the International Longevity Center.

Physician, historian and medical ethicist Stanley Joel Reiser, M.D., takes us back in history to the day when a stethoscope was high-tech medicine. His new book is called Technological Medicine, the Changing World of Doctors and Patients.

In this week’s Sound Medicine “Checkup,” Jeramy Shere, Ph.D., is on a quest to discover how scientists measure calories in food. He poses the question to Jim Daniel, Ph.D., associate professor of foods and nutrition at Purdue University.

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