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<p>This weekend, July 4 and 5, Sound Medicine host Barbara Lewis and her guests will discuss brown fat and possible weight loss, new laws for teen drivers and Zicam nasal cold and sinus treatments.</p>

This Week on Sound Medicine — July 5

Aaron Cypress, M.D., Ph.D., a research associate at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, will explain his research into brown fat and how it can be utilized to assist with weight loss. Brown fat acts as furnace to heat the body when it’s cold and burns large amounts of calories.

Joseph O’Neil, M.D., M.P.H., an associate professor of clinical pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine, will discuss the medical reasoning behind a new Indiana law that bars drivers under age 18 from using cell phones while driving.

Lynn Willis, Ph.D., professor emeritus of pharmacology and medicine at the IU School of Medicine, will explain the Food and Drug Administration’s recent warning about Zicam nasal cold and sinus treatments. The treatments have been blamed for users losing their sense of smell.

Sound Medicine’s bioethicist Eric Meslin, Ph.D., will talk with Howard Brody, M.D., Ph.D, director of The Institute For The Medical Humanities at the University of Texas Medical Branch, about his recent book, The Future of Bioethics.

In this week’s Sound Medicine “Checkup,” Jeremy Shere, Ph.D., will explore watching surgeries on YouTube and other internet sites.

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