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<p>This weekend, May 30 and 31, Sound Medicine host Barbara Lewis and her guests will discuss birth defects, the psychological readiness of transplant patients and a personal experience with migraines.</p>

This Week on Sound Medicine — May 30, 2009

Paul Winchester, M.D., professor of clinical pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine and a neonatologist at St. Francis Hospital in Indianapolis, will discuss his study that found birth defect rates tend to spike in children conceived during the spring and summer- the seasons when pesticides are most likely to be found in water supplies.

Audrey Krause, Ph.D., assistant professor of clinical psychology at the IU School of Medicine, will explain her work as a counselor for transplant patients, evaluating their psychological readiness to undergo the rigors of waiting and receiving an organ transplant.

Andrew Levy, professor of English and director of the Writer’s Studio at Butler University, will discuss his personal history of dealing with migraines which is documented in his new book, A Brain Wider Than The Sky.

Sound Medicine essayist Eric Metcalf will deliver a new essay titled, “Associated Associations,” which takes a closer look at public interest and lobbying groups and their sometimes misleading names.

In this week’s Sound Medicine “Checkup,” Jeremy Shere, Ph.D., will focus on new moms and Internet addiction.

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