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<p>Indiana University trustees have approved the naming of the newest research building at IU in honor of the late Joseph E. Walther, M.D., a prominent Indiana physician whose foundation, the Walther Cancer Foundation, contributed $50 million in support of cancer programs at the IU schools of medicine and nursing over the past 20 years.</p>

Newest Research Facility at IU named for Joseph E. Walther

Joseph E. Walther Hall is the largest of the IU School of Medicine’s new research facilities. It connects two existing research buildings, creating a massive, integrated biomedical complex that encourages research collaboration among more than 300 scientists and physicians focused on cancer, neurological disease, immunological challenges, genetic disorders and gene therapy and developmental therapeutics.

Initiatives at IU funded by the Walther Cancer Foundation include the Walther Oncology Center, led by Hal E. Broxmeyer, Ph.D., and the Mary Margaret Walther Program for Cancer Care Research. Another program supported by the foundation is the Hoosier Oncology Group, a non-profit association of 400 cancer physicians, researchers and nurses in the Midwest. The three programs are part of the IU Simon Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center.

Dr. Walther established the Walther Cancer Foundation, formerly known as the Walther Cancer Institute, in 1985 with the proceeds of the sale of Winona Hospital, which he founded in 1956. The mission of the foundation is to eliminate cancer as a cause of suffering and death, a mission that emanated from his wife’s death from colon cancer.

“Because of the support of the Walther Cancer Foundation, it is fitting for the newest and largest research facility at Indiana University to bear the Walther name,” said D. Craig Brater, M.D., dean of the IU School of Medicine.

Investigators will begin moving into Joseph E. Walther Hall the first week of April 2009. The IU School of Medicine will recognize Dr. Walther and the Walther Cancer Foundation at the dedication of the building on October 8.