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<p>This weekend, Nov. 15 and 16, Sound Medicine, the award-winning weekly public radio program hosted by Barbara Lewis, will discuss premature births, cancer and autism.</p>

This Week on Sound Medicine — Nov. 16

Recently, Indiana received a grade of “F” on the March of Dimes Premature Birth Report Card while the nation as a whole received a “D.” Phillip Eskew, M.D., an Indianapolis physician and former president of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, will explain how premature births can be prevented and why the problem is so costly to society.

Martha Stoddard Holmes, M.A., Ph.D., assistant professor of literature and graduate program advisor for the Department of Literature and Writing Studies at California State University, will join Sound Medicine to discuss the use of graphic novels and storytelling as part of the process of treating and understanding cancer.

The importance of early screening for prostate cancer will be discussed by Jonathan Myles, M.D., an anatomic and clinical pathologist at the Cleveland Clinic, and David Rice, R.N., a cancer survivor.

Author James Ball will speak about the growing body of research that suggests that early intervention is key to the successful treatment and management of autism in children.

In this week’s Sound Medicine “Check Up,” Jeremy Shere will look at the stress tests that astronauts must pass before heading into space.

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Sound Medicine is underwritten by Eli Lilly and Company, Clarian Health and IU Medical Group. Jeremy Shere’s “Check-Up” is underwritten by IUPUI.