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MEDTalk 2020: Harnessing genomics, halting ALS, and finding freedom

Three presenters share how research and medical education at IU School of Medicine can shape a world of better health. 

'I'm proud of the school for stepping up'

This spring, more than 120 medical students offered to graduate early and join the frontline of a health care system grappling with a surge of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. For those who served, their experiences in the clinic provided lasting lessons.

Bobby King  |  Jul 10, 2020

Gracious Hosts

Indiana University School of Medicine connects alumni with students doing residency interviews in their area, helping students save money on lodging and forge connections during a stressful process.

Chelsea McClellan  |  May 28, 2020

'It Was A Call of Duty'

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, more than 100 students from IU School of Medicine graduated early to help Indiana mount a response. 

Bobby King  |  Apr 29, 2020

Giving of Themselves

Those who donate their bodies to IU School of Medicine help prepare healers to treat patients—a gift medical students strive to recognize.

Matthew Harris  |  Apr 08, 2020

How Do You Become An Anatomist?

The IU School of Medicine's training program is among the nation's largest and prepares students to teach others about the body's most intricate details.

Matthew Harris  |  Apr 08, 2020

The Art of Hard Conversation

IU Talk teaches physicians how to listen and guide their patients when delivering bad news. 

Chelsea McClellan  |  Apr 08, 2020

Body of Knowledge

Technology is rapidly changing the way future physicians are trained. Yet a defining course—and its lessons on life and death—remains a constant: Human Anatomy.

Matthew Harris  |  Apr 08, 2020

Nurtured in Nature

WHEN AARON COSTLOW was told that, somewhere in the tree line behind the Evansville Psychiatric Children’s Center, the woods had consumed a walking trail, he thought the facility’s residents were missing out on an essential joy of childhood, and one with healing power. “I loved playing outside as a kid. I loved building forts, messing around creeks,” he said. “Those are things these kids don’t always get to experience.”  Costlow, a third-year student at Indiana University School of Medicine—Evansville, encountered […]

Traumatic Experience

IMAGINE YOU are 16 years old and have just arrived home from school. You step inside your house and hear a low, muffled groan. It’s coming from the basement. After walking over and looking down the stairs, you see your dad, crumpled in a heap. What do you do? Roughly 30 teenagers were confronted with such a scenario this summer in Terre Haute in the controlled confines of Camp MD, a free day camp hosted by Indiana University School of […]