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A Night of Networking

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Indy Science Connect is holding a networking event “A Night of Networking” at Broken Beaker Distillery on May 4th, 2017 and will be featuring the IUSM networkIN group.

Indy Science Connect works towards building a stronger life sciences community in and around Indianapolis and its goal resonates with that of networkIN.  networkIN provides a medium for individuals training in academic science to learn about a variety of career opportunities in the Indiana life sciences sector through networking with local professionals. It is an honor for the IUSM networkIN group to be featured on this platform.

The special guest for the event will be Terri Pascarelli, CEO of AIT Bioscience. Terri will provide a brief overview of the Company and its role in developing new therapies.

Please join us on May 4th for a night of networking and fun and learn about the wide spectrum of varied professional positions available for trainees in life sciences. Looking forward to the networking night and hoping for a huge turn out!

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