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The Eventful Networking Night- A Success


“Its not who you know, it’s WHO KNOWS YOU”

The Night of Networking on May 4th at Broken Distillery was a huge success.

A big thanks to Indy Science Connect for featuring IUSM’s student and post-doc run organization, networkIN. Thanks to Broken Distillery for hosting us. And finally, thank you Terri Pascarelli, for enlightening us on AIT Bioscience’s role in industry.

This platform provided an opportunity towards spotting variety of positions available outside academia. Networking is a virtuous cycle that leads to meeting more people and increased awareness in career opportunities. We had interested professionals willing to participate in networkIN’s future educational sessions. So, keep a look out for some of our amazing future events and educational sessions on this blog.

Kudos to the networkIN team for a successful night!

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Bidisha (Eshaani) Mitra

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology researching on Hepatitis B virus and innate immunity