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Interested in public health? Learn more about the MD-MPH program


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Students admitted to Indiana University School of Medicine (any of the school’s nine campuses) are eligible to apply to the joint MD-MPH program with the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI. This degree will prepare you to balance your career between direct medical care of individuals and public health practice within communities. It also will  expand your career options by making you more marketable for a wide variety of careers (i.e. global health, hospital leadership, health policy, health research, non-profit management, environmental health, and refugee and immigrant health).

To apply, visit Apply to the MPH Program.

Need money to help with costs?

Students in the MD-MPH program will be considered for stipends to offset the public health tuition. Students are encouraged to apply to the MPH program during their first year of medical school; however, arrangements will be made to facilitate completion of the joint degree program at any point during a student’s medical education.

Don’t have time for the full MPH degree?

Students who want exposure to public health can complete the Graduate Certificate in Public Health without adding an extra year of school to their MD degree.

Want more information?

View the MD-MPH flyer to learn more and read success stories about MD-MPH students.

Have questions?

  • With specific questions regarding the MPH application process, curriculum or program, contact Carole Kacius, PhD, associate dean, Fairbanks School of Public Health, at
  • For questions about coordinating MPH and MD schedule needs or about MD requirements, contact Marti Reeser, EdD, assistant dean, Office of Medical Student Education, at
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