MD Program

MD Dual Degrees

Students pursuing an MD at IU School of Medicine can also complete requirements for one of five dual degrees to prepare for a career that supplements expertise in clinical patient care with a second specialty. The MD dual degree programs allow medical students to adjust the traditional four-year undergraduate medical education schedule to complete coursework for a PhD, MBA, JD, MPH or MA.

Each program processes applications for admission, and acceptance to both programs is required to enter a dual degree program. For the MD/PhD, a single application is made by indicating MD/PhD degree on the AMCAS application to Indiana University School of Medicine and completing the MSTP secondary application. The application is reviewed by the MSTP admissions committee.

The Medical Scientist Training Program at IU School of Medicine is training leaders in academic medicine to support the development of independent scientific careers in medical research. The program centers on an integrated curriculum that combines a strong core education in medicine and intensive training in scientific inquiry. Successful completion of the program earns participants both an MD and PhD degree. Learn more about the Medical Science Training Program.

Students interested in a MD/JD dual degree must apply separately to both the IU School of Medicine and the IU McKinney School of Law and be accepted by both programs. Medical students may apply for admission to the MD/JD dual degree program at any time during their first three years of medical school. By pursuing the dual degree, students can complete both degrees in six years instead of seven, as medical school typically requires four years and law school is a three-year program.

IU School of Medicine and the IU School of Public Health together developed the MD/MPH dual degree program that integrates medicine and public health training. Students learn core public health topics, including environmental health, infectious disease control, biostatistics, disease prevention and health policy, while pursuing medical training required to be a physician. Students interested in the combined MD-MPH degree can specify this interest during the application process for the IU School of Medicine MD program. Current MD students can also apply for the dual degree program at any point in their medical education through IU Fairbanks School of Public Health Master of Public Health Program.

IU School of Medicine and IU Kelley School of Business partner to offer the MD/MBA dual degree for highly qualified students who desire to complement medical training with a greater understanding of economics, finance, marketing and management of the health care system. Students in this program spend the three years of full-time study in the School of Medicine and then begin integrating course work with the IU Kelley School of Business degree requirements in the fourth year. The degrees are conferred simultaneously when all requirements for graduation for the joint degree student have been met in each professional program. To pursue an MD/MBA, students must apply separately to both the IU School of Medicine and Kelley School of Business and be accepted by both programs to pursue the joint MD/MBA degree. Learn more about the MD/MBA Program.

In addition to educating future physicians, IU School of Medicine is deeply committed to developing future healthcare leaders and scholars in medicine. That’s why IU School of Medicine and the IUPUI Department of Philosophy, in concert with the IU Center for Bioethics, offer a dual degree in medicine (MD) and philosophy (MA) with a concentration in bioethics. Students in this program acquire the perspective, knowledge and expertise to implement ethical principles in their own medical practices and provide leadership on bioethical issues faced by state and federal agencies, healthcare organizations, research and educational institutions, corporations, human rights organizations, medical insurers, and religious bodies. Explore the MD/MA combines degree program.

The Medical Humanities Certificate Program allows IU School of Medicine Family Medicine students and residents to explore the concepts of health and illness from an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective. Courses and seminars vary. Program participation requires application and approval from program director.