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Join us in welcoming the newest Emergency Medicine Fellows! 

Welcome to Emergency Medicine: New Fellows

Daniel Grissom, MD

Fellowship: Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Residency: UNLV School of Medicine Las Vegas

Medical School: University of Washington School of Medicine

Fun Fact: I am the youngest of 11 children.

Why did you chose IU? I chose IU because I was so impressed by how well established the program is for being a fairly new program. I could tell right off the bat that Steve only wants the best for his fellows, and that he would provide the education that I needed to become a well-trained PEM physician and educator. Everyone I met during my interview day was so genuinely nice and friendly, especially Steve and Kris, that I knew I couldn't go wrong with choosing IU.


Sean Hanlon, MD

Fellowship: Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Residency: West Virginia University

Medical School: West Virginia University School of Medicine

Fun Fact: I can do a Rubik's cube. (I know, kind of lame)

Why did you chose IU? In choosing programs, most people are concerned about volume and acuity as their main reasons for picking a program. After interviewing at places, you realize that most, if not all, PEM programs have those characteristics. So, you need to differentiate them somehow. I came from a rural place where everybody knew everybody. I was accustomed to a collegial attitude with lots of first-name basis relationships. When I interviewed at IU, I could feel those same qualities here, although it is a much larger institution. I definitely did not feel this way at some of the other places I interviewed. Since arriving here, I have experienced that same atmosphere I felt on my interview day. All the staff, from the ED to other specialties, have been great to work with. The fellows in my cohort are great people, and it is a diverse group. It was a great choice, and I look forward to three years of training here.


Brooke Senken, MD

Fellowship: Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Residency: NYU Winthrop

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

Fun Fact: I was a middle-distance track runner in high school and competed multiple times at the national championship level! Born and raised in New York (right outside of the city), but I have never been to the Statue of Liberty nor to the top of the Empire State building!

Why did you chose IU? When looking into PEM fellowship programs there were a few things that were extremely important to me. The program had to be part of a freestanding children's hospital and in a location where there was very little competition from surrounding hospitals in terms of where pediatric patients could go. It also had to have high patient volume and exposure to a wide variety of clinical pathology, critical patients and trauma. Finally, it had to be a place where I felt at home and welcomed by the staff and fellows! IU checked all the boxes! My experience thus far has been nothing but positive; the staff and hospital have been so welcoming and supportive, and the clinical patient exposure has been amazing.


Michael Supples, MD

Fellowship: Emergency Medical Service

Residency: Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School

Fun Fact: In my spare time, I like to practice and compete in the sport of powerlifting and fly airplanes.

Why did you chose IU? I chose to come to IU because my wife matched with IU for a pediatric hematology/oncology fellowship. I was very fortunate to find excellent EMS faculty and abundant opportunities.


Julia Vaizer, MD

Fellowship: Emergency Medical Services and MotorSports

Residency: Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center

Medical School: University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Fun Fact: I grew up in Russia.

Why did you chose IU? I chose IU because it is the only place in the country to offer a combined EMS/Motorsports Medicine Fellowship.


Devin Doos, MD

Fellowship: Medical Simulation

Residency: Indiana University School of Medicine

Medical School: University of Nevada School of Medicine

Fun Fact: I really love watching baseball, and my husband and I are trying to visit all baseball parks in America. I chose IU because I had the opportunity to work with a great mentor in Dr. Ahmed.


Marielle Brenner, MD

Fellowship: Medical Toxicology

Residency: Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals

Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Fun Fact: I’ve been on national television three times!

Why did you chose IU? I chose IU due to the people I would get to work with and the unique opportunities that I would get to experience here in my training.