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The department of Emergency Medicine announce the recipients of the 2020 Graduation awards.

2020 Emergency Medicine Graduation Awards

Image of Carter Duggan, MD, Hailey Budnick, MD, Mitch Craft, MD, Jess Kanis, MD, Karan Shah, MD, Alfred Z. Wang, MD

Resident Teacher Award: Dr. Carter Duggan 

The Indiana University Department of Emergency Medicine has a reputation for outstanding clinical educators, including our residents. Every year IU medical student praise the enthusiasm and teaching ability of the emergency medicine residents. We want to congratulate Carter Duggan on winning this year's Resident Teacher of the Year Award. The award recognizes outstanding resident educators who receive excellent student evaluations and significantly impact the department's educational mission. 

Medical students appreciated Carter's approachability and noted that he does a tremendous job of allowing them to have autonomy and fostering their problem-solving skills. They commented that his teaching makes them better providers. Congratulations, Carter, and thanks for representing the department well!

Resident Consultant of the Year: Dr. Hailey Budnick 

This year, the emergency medicine residents created a new award to recognize residents from a consulting service who did an outstanding job caring for our patients. This year we are happy to recognize Dr. Hailey Budnick, one of our Neurosurgery residents, for her outstanding service as a consulting resident to the ED. 

If Hailey is ever on the receiving end of your consult, you know your day just got easier. She's prompt, professional and always keeps our team in the loop. But beyond this she has taken the time to get to know the Emergency Medicine Residents and befriended them outside of work. We would all be lucky to work with consultants like Dr. Budnick throughout our careers. Congratulations! 

Outstanding Off Service Teaching Faculty of the Year: Dr. Mitch Craft 

Emergency medicine residents spend a significant portion of their clinical training on other services learning how to care for the different patient populations commonly present to the ED. Each year the residents recognize a faculty members from one of these rotations for their outstanding teaching. This year's awardee is Dr. Mitch Craft, a critical care faculty at Methodist. 

The ICU is consistently one of the resident's favorite off service experiences thanks to the excellent teaching they receive from the ICU faculty. Some of our residents' comments about Dr. Craft include, "Super laid back and easy to work with, makes ICU more tolerable." "One of the best staff at IU Methodist, competent, compassionate, and has the best bedside manor than any physician I've ever worked with, and a role model for how to approach critically ill patients." From all of the EM residents, thank you, Dr. Craft, for your dedication to teaching. 

Each year the residents recognize one faculty member from each emergency department for their outstanding clinical teaching. In 2017, these awards were named after Kevin G. Rodgers, a longtime member of the program leadership team and the finest clinical educator in our program's history. 

Kevin G. Rodgers Excellence in Clinical Teaching - Riley: Dr. Jess Kanis 

From day one, Dr. Kanis has been a great role model and teacher in the emergency department. The residents agree you have been a great mentor and role model, every shift with you is fun and you are always a wonderful teacher. Thank you so much for all that you do for our residency, and congratulations! 

Kevin G. Rodgers Excellence in Clinical Teaching - Methodist: Dr. Karan Shah 

This award is a big deal because it represents the resident;s favorite clinical educator. More importantly, this is the person the residents are more excited to see when they show up for a shift. Methodist is a chaotic place to work and can be quite a challenge to supervise residents. Dr. Shah does this exceptionally well, but he does it in such a way that make us feel like colleagues and not simply learners. 

Kevin G. Rodgers Excellence in Clinical Teaching - Eskenazi: Dr. Alfred Z. Wang 

The residents acknowledge Dr. Wang as an excellent role model and clinical teacher. He allows autonomy on shift and pushes you to make your own decisions while still providing support and knowledge you need to be the best physician possible. He also does it while having a great sense of humor and making every shift more fun. 

Emergency Department Service Award - Eskenazi Interpreters 

Our emergency department at Eskenazi would come to a screeching halt without our Spanish Interpreters. The service they provide is vital, and we are so grateful to work alongside them. As a residency, we cannot think of many others in the department that work harder than our interpreters. They stand for hours on end, running from one room to the next. Greeting each patient, they meet with kindness and compassion. Your dedication and commitment to providing excellent care to the patients of Eskenazi are remarkable. We thank you for your hard work and we feel lucky to work alongside everyone one of you.